The Bullet Journal Layout You've Never Seen

by - June 16, 2018
You have probably never seen this bullet journal layout before. That is because I made up this bullet journal layout. It might just be the layout you need in your bullet journal to help you be more organized! This layout will easily help you to be more organized and it can be creative as well!

The Bullet Journal Layout You've Never Seen

I really like this layout. It is one of my personal favorites. 

Do you know why?

Pretty soon you will!

Are you excited to know what it is?

Let me give you some clues.

  • It takes up two pages but could fit into one.
  • You only have to make it once and then you can use it until you need a new book.
  • It is kind of like a brain dump page.
  • You stick notes and quotes onto it.

Give up?

I will tell you.

The Bulletin Board Bullet Journal Layout

I thought of this page myself, but someone else out there may have already done it and I just don't know.

I needed a page where I could put sticky notes for blog content. I already had a blog post ideas layout, but it is only a page where I write down the title or concept for the post. I need something where I could quickly jot down bulleted lists of what I was going to put into the blog post or a sentence I wanted to use in the blog post. 

This layout is one of my favorites because I put quotes on it and lists of stuff that I don't need long term, but wouldn't take up an entire page in my bullet journal.

I love this layout because when you finish something, you just pull off that sticky note.

For this layout, you will need...

  • Your bullet journal - If you haven't started a bullet journal you can read Bullet Journaling: What Is It? to get started.
  • Markers, gel pens, pens, or pencils.
  • Whatever you want to stick on your bulletin board layout.
  • Washi tape, tape, or stickers.

How to make it:

I wanted mine to look like a real bulletin board, so I started by shading the entire page with a brown pencil. After that, I grabbed the rest of my supplies, the pens, and markers and I started adding dots all over the page.  I kept on adding dots in different shades of browns, oranges, and blacks till it looked like a bulletin board.

For yours though if you don't want it to look like a traditional bulletin board, you could add squares, a watercolor background, glitter, or make a sticker collage. 

Make it reflect your personality!

Then, using the washi tape, start sticking on the pictures, to-do lists, and quotes that you have. This is a great place to put your shopping lists, sticky notes that you might have lying around, and receipts you might need for later.

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The Bullet Journal Layout You've Never Seen

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