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Hi, I'm the girl behind the blog The Productive Pixie!

About Me - Productive Pixie - Productivity, Bullet Journaling, and Affordable Fashion

Welcome to The Productive Pixie! I am glad that you stopped by to read a few of my posts. I love using my bullet journal, trying to be more productive, creating my capsule wardrobe, and just living life in general.

I'm no expert. I'm just like you, trying to figure everything out as I go. We can figure out life together! On The Productive Pixie blog, I share what's working for me on everything from fashion hacks to productivity tips. Plus all of my content is 100% free!

About Me - Productive Pixie - Productivity, Bullet Journaling, and Affordable Fashion

I serve girls, like you, looking to be fashionable, productive, and happy, while organizing your life with a little bit of creativity. I focus on providing value to help you be your best self. I provide inspiration and tips to help you organize your life and design your dream wardrobe. Let’s plan our lives as we really want them!

A Few Facts About Me

  • I am a dancer.
  • I want to see the Eiffel Tower one day.
  • I am learning French just for fun!
  • I love spicy food. The spicier it is the better!

I started The Productive Pixie blog back in 2018 when I discovered that I loved writing. I was looking for a new creative passion, and I've always been entrepreneurial, so blogging turned out to be a perfect fit! Now, I can't imagine my life without this blog. :)

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"I started following her like a day ago, and now I am obsessed with her blog." - Social Media User

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"[The Productive Pixie] blog has helped me... [with] a lot of things..being productive is my first priority" - Anonymous (Blog Subscriber)

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"Just at the beginning point of starting bullet journal[ing]. I love this content!" - Mila P (Blog Subscriber)

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