3 Ways to Organize Your Closet to Save Time

by - September 08, 2018
You stare and you stare at your clothes in the closet.

3 Ways to Organize Your Closet to Save Time

It is 6:30 in the morning and you have already pulled out a few items from your closet, but they don't match or you don't feel like it is the outfit you want to wear today.

Finally, in despair, at 7:00 you throw on the same outfit you wore yesterday and rush out the door.

What happened to those thirty minutes?

Now you have to eat breakfast in the car and you are going to get to work five minutes late.

Do you ever feel like this?

Well, it is time to start planning ahead.

There are two steps in this process to save time.

  1. Organize Your Closet (So you can find what you want!)
  2. Plan Your Wardrobe (So you know what to wear.)

Today, I am going to share with you three easy ways to organize your closet to save time.

First, think about where you put your clothes.

Do you hang your shirts in your closet and put your pants in your drawer?

Are your shoes downstairs by the door?

Thinking about where you put your clothes helps you to know which organizing system is for you.

The three ways to organize your closet are...
  1. By Type
  2. By Outfit
  3. By Color
We are going to start with #1. By Type.

1. By Type

This type of organization is where you have all of your shirts in one place, say your drawer or hanging up in your closet. Your shoes would all be in the cubbies by the door and so on and so forth.

By type works well for people who want to be able to put everything back in its place very easily.

To organize your closet like this, start by thinking about which piece you pick out for your outfits first. If you pick out your shirt first every morning, then put your shirts in a very easy spot for you to access. (You are probably still going to be sleepy! :) ) 

2. By Outfit

This system is best for people with a very large wardrobe and who like to have their outfits organized and ready to go in the morning.

An easy way to set up this system is to have a spot for the outfit you are going to wear for that day.

Such as a hanging door container for everything you are going to wear or a hanger in your closet marked with a label like "Outfit for the Day" or "Today's Outfit".

3. By Color

This system is personally my favorite closet organizing system. Having a beautiful rainbow array when you open your closet doors in the morning is definitely cheering.

I have set up this system for a friend and they are really enjoying being able to pick out what they want to wear easily.

This system is best for people who have more than three colors in their wardrobe. (Literally everyone! :) )

To set up your closet by color, pick which color you want to be on the end in your closet. I would set it up in the following order.

  1. Whites
  2. Pinks
  3. Reds
  4. Purples
  5. Blues
  6. Blacks

I would set it up like this because my closet doesn't have green, orange, and yellow in it. It is different for everyone so try out a few different ways before you decide on a setup you like.

To make it easier, brainstorm on a piece of paper some different setups you could do.

After you have picked what setup you want and you have implemented the setup, you are done with the first step and it is time to get on to the second step.

2. Planning Your Wardrobe

You can try that out, or if it doesn't work for you, you can decide on what outfits you can make and then have a hanger or an over-the-door container to put your outfit of the day in.


  1. Organize Your Closet
    1. By Type
    2. By Outfit
    3. By Color
  2. Plan Your Wardrobe

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3 Ways to Organize Your Closet to Save Time

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