How I Created my Blog Planner

by - October 20, 2018
How I Created my Blog Planner

Guess what the most-used section in my planner is?

My Blog Planner. That is why I wanted to share this with you today and how you can set up one for yourself.


When I was creating my planner and designing how I wanted it to look a few months ago, I typed into Pinterest "Blog Planner", but I couldn't find anything which would work for me.

That blog planner had a Facebook and Twitter section and I don't have an account for either of those platforms. And this blog planner is on a weekly basis instead of a monthly basis like I wanted it.

So I decided to create my own.

Let's jump right into how each page works.

How I Created my Blog Planner

Right when I open up my blog planner section, this is the first page which comes up. This page has all of the information about my blog right in one spot.

So what does all of it mean?
  • At the top is my blog logo and the domain name which is
  • Below is my mission statement.
  • After that is my brand colors and my brand fonts which you see on this blog.
  • At the bottom, just for fun, I put a screenshot of my blog because I didn't have any more info I wanted to put there! :)
How I Created my Blog Planner

Now we get into the monthlies, which are the main pages in my blog planner. I love the chevron at the top!

On one side is the monthly calendar. On it, I write the post title for that day. On the other side, I have a small box for blog income, a long box for social media ideas, above that I have a spot for my six goals for the month, and right above that is my monthly statistics. To the right of that, I have a spot for my newsletter ideas, and below that is a square for the monthly focus.

In between these two pages, I put one full page for my blogging to-do list and four or five blog post checklists, which we are going to talk about next.

How I Created my Blog Planner

Okay, this one took me a long time to make. I just couldn't decide what were the most important things to have on the checklist. I didn't want to forget any! That is why there are some blank spots to write your own in too.

At the bottom of the page is a large spot for notes and ideas.

Below is a list of everything on the checklist.
  • Graphics
  • Pin to Pinterest
  • Post on Google+
  • Search Description
  • Alt Text on Images
  • Keyword 5 Times at Least
  • 3 Links to my Posts
  • 2 Links to Others
  • Add Labels
  • Check SEO on Yoast
  • Call to Action
  • Spell Check
  • Proofread
  • 6-7 Word Permalink
  • 2 Images at Least
  • and Six Blank Spots for You to add Your Own

How I Created my Blog Planner

This one is pretty self-explanatory. I put the blog post idea on one side and the keyword on the other. When I use that post idea I put a check in the box.

The rest of the pages in my blog planner are just on regular lined planner pages.

I hoped you like this post!

Do you have a blog planner?

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How I Created my Blog Planner

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