Why I Stopped Using a Bullet Journal

by - October 13, 2018

Do you wonder why I stopped using a bullet journal?

Why I Stopped Using a Bullet Journal

Update - I am now using a bullet journal again! I figured out I was trying to track too many things and so I made some changes to my system and now it is working for me. :) If you want to see what my new bullet journal looks like, you can go here.

Well, I will tell you. I started using a planner again. My bullet journal stopped working for me. :(

Don't get me wrong! I loved bullet journaling, but it just got too complicated. Do any of you feel like this?

My bullet journal spreads started to get simpler and simpler. I started dreading opening my bullet journal, knowing how far behind I was on all of my trackers and spreads and how many days I would have to try to remember to try to catch it all up.

To say it simply, bullet journaling was making my life harder instead of easier.

What was I doing wrong?

  • Missing writing in my bullet journal and telling myself I would catch up tomorrow.
  • Trying to keep up with a bunch of trackers and collections I didn't need.
  • Not being around my bullet journal when I thought of something to write down (and then having a blank mind when I sat down to write in it)
  • Not having the right trackers and collections

How did I fix all of this?

Okay, let's backtrack a little bit so I can start this all from the beginning.

I used a planner before I started bullet journaling and I felt like I couldn't add enough creativity to it. After a few months of that planner, I didn't use anything.

Then I found the idea of a bullet journal on Pinterest (Feel free to follow me! I would love it if you would. :) ). I started pinning all of the bullet journal ideas I found. I created my bullet journal and added a ton of collections and trackers.

I struggled to use this for around four months and then dropped it. 

Now for the moment, you have been waiting for! 

How did I fix it and what organization system do I use now???

I bought the Rose Gold Recollections Planner from Michaels and I love it!

It has just the right amount of creativity and structure I need. It is a binder so I can add and remove pages whenever I want. I like to think about my new planner as a bullet journal and a planner combined because I make all of my own planner pages online and then I print them out. 

So that is it! I now use the Rose Gold Recollections Planner and I add my own pages. I combined a bullet journal with a planner.

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Do you use a bullet journal or a planner?


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Why I Stopped Using a Bullet Journal

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