How to Create a Vision Board in Your Planner

by - January 26, 2019
Do you sometimes feel like you aren't motivated to reach your goals? Are you also creative or artistic?

How to Create a Vision Board for Your Planner

A vision board may be just the thing you need to get yourself motivated in the new year. This is my first year using a vision board and I am really liking it. I love flipping through my planner and seeing this page in it. Above is a picture of my vision board when it is halfway done.

So do you want to start a vision board?

Yay! I hoped that you would say yes. :)

1. Pull out two blank sheets of paper or ones with minimal decorations on it. Refer to my picture above to get an idea of what I used. I put mine on cardstock, to make sure that it lasts throughout the entire year.

2. On one of the pieces of paper, start by brainstorming all of your goals for the year whether they are big or small. Write down each goal on this sheet of paper. 

If you can't think of anything, then read 30 Tips for a Productive Year to get an idea of some productive goals you could do.

I am not going to lie. I have OVER 22 goals for this year. Well, everyone says to dream big, so that is what I did. :)

3. Now it is time to start your actual vision board. I started mine by picking a quote and putting it in the middle in color to make it stand out. 

4. I wrote down each of my goals in different fonts, and sometimes with a doodle around it, but you could use pictures from a magazine or print out pictures to glue on to your vision board. Anything to remind you about what your goals are.

5. Add stickers!

I haven't finished adding all of my goals in yet, but I am working on it. By the time I am finished, I hope to have the whole front of the page filled in.

Now when I flip through my planner, I see this page at the beginning of my goal setting section and I really like how I did it. 

So what do you think? Do you use or like the idea of using a vision board in your planner?

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How to Create a Vision Board for Your Planner

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