The #1 Thing That Pushes me to Reach Over 10,000 Steps a Day

by - July 07, 2018

Are you trying to exercise more every day, but not having enough time, or the motivation to do it? Walking 10,000 steps a day is an effective way to get in your exercise, but motivating yourself to actually get those 10,000 steps is a lot harder.

The #1 Thing That Pushes me to Reach Over 10,000 Steps a Day

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I recently received a Garmin Vivofit 3 and I love it! I decided that in 2018 I wanted to get more steps because to tell you the truth, I do not walk that much.

So for all the people including you, who want to exercise more, this is a great watch to get for a good price.

I want to jump right in and tell you about it.

I got mine off Amazon.

You can buy other super cute bands to switch up the look. Definitely for those who want to match it to their everyday outfits.
Or fun patterned bands!

The #1 Thing That Pushes me to Reach Over 10,000 Steps a Day

Enough about the cute bands, let's get onto what the watch can do.

The watch has...
  1. a pixel screen
  2. a backlight
  3. an alarm
  4. a stopwatch
  5. alerts you when you have been sitting or not moving for an hour
  6. waterproof
  7. and multiple displays
The displays

The first one is your home screen/time. You can change this screen using the Garmin Connect mobile app.

Next, we have the date.

After that, it tells you how many steps you have for that day.

The next screen tells you how many steps you have left until you reach your goal. The watch generates a new goal for you each day according to if you got your goal that day or not.

It tells you how many miles you have walked and how many calories you have burned.

The last display tells you how many intensity minutes you have for that week.

When you get your goal for the day it comes up with a goal screen with fireworks on it. If you get your goal for multiple days in a row it comes up with a screen to tell you how many days you have got your goal in a row for.

A super great feature of this watch is that you do not have to charge it. The watch comes with a replaceable battery which can last up to one year.

The #1 Thing That Pushes me to Reach Over 10,000 Steps a Day

Overall review

This is a great watch for the price. I love the features it has on it and I wear mine every day. The features all work well. I love how you can switch up the bands for different looks and mix and match it to your outfit. 

With the Garmin Vivofit 3, you really can beat yesterday!

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The #1 Thing That Pushes Me to Reach Over 10,000 Steps a Day

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