The #1 Thing That Pushes Me to Reach Over 10,000 Steps a Day

by - July 07, 2018
Are you trying to exercise more every day, but not having enough time, or the motivation to do it? Walking or running 10,000 steps a day is an effective way to get in your exercise, but motivating yourself to actually get those 10,000 steps is a lot harder.

The #1 Thing That Pushes Me to Reach Over 10,000 Steps a Day

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Update - I bought this watch in 2018 and I am still using and loving it in 2021 while training to run a 10K! :)

It can be really hard to motivate yourself to exercise, but if you have a way to track your exercise, you will be more motivated to exercise. A lot of people are competitive. You probably are competitive too, at least to a certain extent.

If you get a fitness tracker, then you can compete... with yourself! Go beat yesterday!

The #1 Thing That Pushes Me to Reach Over 10,000 Steps a Day

I recently received a Garmin Vivofit 3 and I love it! I decided that in 2018 I wanted to get more steps because to tell you the truth, I do not walk that much. As of 2021, I walk and run for one to two hours daily.

My Garmin Vivofit watch has been a real game-changer for me! So for all the people, including you, who want to exercise more, this is a great watch to buy at a reasonable price.

First, I want to tell you a little about my watch, in case you are interested in getting a fitness tracker, and then we'll get into the other equipment I use for running. This equipment might be just the thing to get you motivated to go running!

The #1 Thing That Pushes Me to Reach Over 10,000 Steps a Day

Garmin Vivofit 3 Watch Features

First up, what everyone wants to know about any product they are looking into is the price. This watch will cost you, but it is worth it, and it is cheaper than many fitness watches on the market. A big plus for me about this watch is that you don't have to charge it. Yes, you heard that right!

This watch is battery-powered, so you don't have to worry about charging it. You can just slip it on and go. The battery needs to be changed around once or twice a year.

If you are into fashion, like I am, then there are options for you with this watch. You can entirely change up the look of this watch with entirely new bands whenever you want. The display screen also has multiple settings that you can pick from for the clock face.

I change up the face of my watch every so often when I get bored of looking at my watch and this gives me new motivation to use it because it is not always the same.

My watch only came with one band, and it is black, but it doesn't fit me even on the smallest fit. That is one of the cons of having small wrists! 😂 But that is okay because you can buy replacement bands of all kinds for this watch.

I found some floral bands that I now wear constantly. The only problem with the replacement bands (not the replacement bands that I bought) that are patterned, is that the pattern on mine has started to rub off, so I need to buy some new ones. they did last for quite a while though.

Enough about the changeable bands, let's get onto what the watch can actually do.

The watch has...

  1. A pixel screen
  2. A backlight for when you are in the dark
  3. Multiple alarms that you can set
  4. A stopwatch
  5. Alerts you when you have been sitting or not moving for an hour
  6. A waterproof design (It can even be used for swimming)
  7. And multiple displays

The Garmin Vivofit Watch Displays

This watch does not have a touchscreen. To move between screens you press the only button on the watch. For certain features, you hold down the button. it is fairly easy to use. If you are not tech-savvy, this would probably be a great option for you!

The first slide is your home screen. You can change this screen using the Garmin Connect mobile app. Depending on what design you have it set to, you will see the time, a clock, how many steps you have gotten so far, etc.

The next screen shows you a calendar symbol and the date. I have found this feature very helpful because I almost never know what day it is!

The next screen after that, tells you how many steps you have for that day. This is the main feature I use my watch for.

The next screen tells you how many steps you have left until you reach your goal. The watch generates a new goal for you each day according to if you got your goal the day before. You can also set a manual goal for yourself on the Garmin Connect mobile app.

The watch also has screens showing how many miles or kilometers (depending on what setting you have it on) you have walked and how many calories you have burned for the day. I have found over the past 3 years of using this watch, that the calories burned are not very accurate. Even if I exercise for three hours in one day, it still shows that I have burned less than 2000 calories.

The last display tells you how many intensity minutes you have for that week.

When you get your goal for the day it comes up with a goal screen with fireworks on it. If you get your goal for multiple days in a row it comes up with a screen to tell you how many days you have got your goal in a row for.

Overall, it is a handy watch to have, and it is very durable. I have a screen protector on mine because some reviews online said that it was easy to scratch the watch face. If you buy this watch, that is something to keep in mind.

The Garmin Connect App, shows you many other statistics, including how well you are sleeping, and how your performance ranks compared to other users your age. You can also track food intake and weight fluctuations among other features.

Next, I'll tell you about the other accessories I am currently using for running.

The #1 Thing That Pushes Me to Reach Over 10,000 Steps a Day

My Other Running Accessories

I go running almost every day now, and I always wear my watch (of course!), but I also bring a few other accessories along with me. Even if you are just going on a walk, or getting started with running, these accessories will be helpful for you.

1. A Water Bottle

First up, is a water bottle. It is very important to stay hydrated, even if you are only going for a walk. I recommend using a metal water bottle because they are more durable. One with a handle, or some way for you to easily hold on to it while moving fast when you are hot and sweaty, is ideal.

2. My Phone

My watch doesn't play music, so I bring my phone along with me, and before you start wondering how I run while carrying stuff in both hands, I'll tell you, "I don't". More on that in just a second. When I go running, currently, I use two apps.

I find that if I am training toward something, then I am more motivated. Right now, I am using the Couch to 10K Running Trainer, which is free, to train for running a 10K! The app has voice commands, and you can play music or a podcast in the background while you are running.

After I finish running a 10K, I am going to start training towards doing a 25K, and then a half-marathon. The same company has apps for those as well. The app is not entirely free, as you can pay to listen to music geared towards making you run faster, and you can see more statistics if you pay.

I just use the free version because I use my Garmin Vivofit 3 for running statistics.

The other app I use is my music app. I have found this music app to be amazing! It is also free, but it does have some ads, that pop up on the screen. The ads do not have sound when you are listening to music, so it's not annoying at all.

3. Phone Running Armband

The last item, I always bring when I go running is a phone armband. The one I bought, has a pocket for your keys or your earbuds, a credit cardholder, and room for your phone. Even if your phone is a big one, it will fit in this phone holder! Plus, it has a touchscreen, so you can use your phone, while it is in the holder.

My phone is large, and I have a phone case on it, plus a popsocket, and it still fits in this phone holder. Some runners say that they don't like phone armbands because they are too bulky, and they move around too much, but I haven't had any problems with mine. In fact, I love using it!

There are many different types of running armbands, so I'm sure you will find something that works for you.

Along with those three accessories and my watch, the only other things I need to go running are a good pair of running shoes, some athletic leggings, and a tee-shirt.

The #1 Thing That Pushes Me to Reach Over 10,000 Steps a Day

The #1 thing that pushes me to reach over 10,000 steps every day is my Garmin Vivofit 3 watch. Everything else helps motivate me, but my watch is my biggest motivator because, with it, I can see and track improvement. I know that I am becoming the best version of myself!

This is a great watch for the price. I love the features it has on it and I wear mine every day. I love how you can switch up the bands for different looks and mix and match your watch to your outfit. 

With the Garmin Vivofit 3, you really can beat yesterday! If you liked this post, you might also be interested in reading the ones below.

If you have any questions, I would be happy to answer them for you! Just leave a comment below. Good luck with your fitness goals. I wish you all the best!
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The #1 Thing That Pushes Me to Reach Over 10,000 Steps a Day

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