How to Make the Perfect Weekly Bullet Journal Layout

by - July 14, 2018
To tell you the truth, when I started bullet journaling, I was determined to find the perfect weekly layout.

How to Make the Perfect Weekly Bullet Journal Layout

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How to Make the Perfect Weekly Bullet Journal Layout

I searched and searched on Pinterest until I thought I had seen almost every layout there was.

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I found the layout with the most helpful trackers and boxes on it. (I thought.)

After making this layout once, I didn't like it as much as I thought I would, so I made a few tweaks and tried again the next week.

Each week after that, I made a few changes to the layout.

Pretty soon I got bored of that layout and redesigned it.

Then I decided I only wanted a one-page layout instead of a two-page layout. Guess what? I changed that layout and cut out some of the "helpful trackers"

I needed something that I could make quickly each week instead of spending a long time on it. I decided that my monthly layout would be super intricate and that my weekly layout would only take a few minutes.

Don't get me wrong. The layout I started with was a great layout, but it just wasn't for me. I am one of those people who gets bored when they see the same tracker, same layout, over and over again.

Are you one of those people?

How are you making your perfect layout?

Here are a few of my ideas.
  • Pick a layout you like
  • Use it for one week
  • Make changes to the layout and use it again
  • Keep making changes to the layout every week until you get tired of it.
  • Redesign the entire layout. (Move things around and change the color scheme)
  • Try again!

How to Make the Perfect Weekly Bullet Journal Layout

The thing is your perfect layout one week maybe isn't going to be the perfect layout next week.
Sometimes you have a busy week and need more room in your layout, sometimes you have nothing to write.

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You just need to find your sweet spot!

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