Recollections Rose Gold Binder Planner Review

by - August 11, 2018
Do you struggle to find the perfect planner?

Recollections Rose Gold Binder Planner Review

I think I found the perfect planner for me and maybe it is the perfect planner for you too!

Okay. It is time for a pretty long story.

My planner life started when I always used to make a homemade planner in a notebook for school. It really was my first bullet journal.

Recollections Rose Gold Binder Planner Review

I struggled to use it for a few months and then would just go through the rest of the school year with nothing to keep me on track.

After a few years of that, I bought my first real planner.

I stopped using it after like three months because I felt like it wasn't large enough or customizable enough.

Then I tried a real bullet journal over one summer. This felt really close to what I actually wanted, but a little bit too much customizable. I got bored drawing lines every week for my weekly layout. :)

Now fast forward to last week, when I bought the Rose Gold Binder Planner from Michaels.

This planner will solve all of my planner problems because...

  • It is super customizable because you can add new pages and remove old pages.
  • I can always print out planner pages for it online.
  • It isn't super small, but small enough to carry around with me.
  • I love the color! :) (Yes, I had to add that one!)
I am going to use this planner as a bullet journal and planner in one because I am going to make all of my own layouts.

Recollections Rose Gold Binder Planner Review

Do you make your own layouts, or do you print yours out online?

I would love to hear your answers in the comments!

Today, I am doing a review on the Rose Gold Binder Planner by Recollections, which you can find at Michaels.

The planner costs 19.99, but Michaels usually has a lot of coupons.

The planner has a squishy hardcover and closes with a clasp.

It has multiple pockets on the inside, which are super helpful for me because I always felt like I needed a pocket to put extra papers in.

I love how the planner is a binder so I can add my own pages into it.

The planner is reusable and comes with 40 accessories.

The planner accessories are...

  • 3 plastic dividers
  • 12 to do pages
  • 12 pieces of graph paper
  • 12 pieces of lined note paper

Watch the video below to see the full review! :)

I am super excited to show you how I am going to be using this planner.

Do you have any questions?

Post them in the comment section and I will answer back as soon as I can.


Thank you for pinning and sharing!

Recollections Rose Gold Binder Planner Review

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