100 Goals to Add to Your Summer Bucket List

by - June 29, 2019
Are you making your summer bucket list in your bullet journal or planner, but need a few ideas on what to add? Or do you need just one more goal to fill up the page?

100 Goals to Add to Your Summer Bucket List

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Well, you don't need to look any further because, in this post, there are tons of ideas for goals you can put on your summer bucket list to fill up that last small square in the corner of your layout. :)

To use these ideas efficiently and to turn them into goals, all you have to do is to pick out as many ideas as you want and then make them specific and add a due date, which in this case for your summer bucket list would probably be the last day of summer.

100 Ideas to Add to Your Summer Bucket List

  1. Try something new
  2. Do a 30-day exercise challenge
  3. Try a new type of exercise
  4. Run in a race
  5. Get 10,000 steps every day
  6. Exercise everyday
  7. Go on a walk every day
  8. Try some yoga
  9. Go swimming
  10. Go to the beach
  11. Be able to do 25 or 50 of an exercise (pushups, curl-ups, etc.)
  12. Go outside every day for an hour
  13. Be able to do a split
  14. Go to bed before 9:00 PM
  15. Wake up before 6:00 AM
  16. Do a no phone day or week
  17. Spend less than an hour on your phone every day
  18. Write in your journal every day
  19. Start a bullet journal
  20. Start a planner
  21. Make new pages for your planner or bullet journal
  22. Throw away old planner pages that you don't want
  23. Use your planner or bullet journal every day
  24. Create a spread in your bullet journal that you thought looked too complicated
  25. Get your entire to-do list done every day for one whole week
  26. Do a no-spend month
  27. Save a dollar a day
  28. Track your budget
  29. Finish your whole to-do list before lunch
  30. Learn to doodle
  31. Don't use social media for a week
  32. Do 3 DIY projects
  33. Paint or draw a picture
  34. Start hand lettering or learn calligraphy
  35. Do a 30-day lettering challenge
  36. Do a 30-day doodling challenge
  37. Practice calligraphy every week
  38. Do a gratitude journal
  39. Start a capsule wardrobe
  40. Buy 3 things for your wardrobe that you absolutely love
  41. Invest in one new quality piece for your wardrobe (You can buy those new high heels now because they are on your summer bucket list!
  42. Try a new outfit combination
  43. Create a style board for your wardrobe
  44. Learn some new hairstyles
  45. Try a new hairstyle every week
  46. Declutter your wardrobe
  47. Start a blog
  48. Lower the bounce rate on your blog by 20%
  49. Hit a new milestone in your subscriber count
  50. Hit a new milestone in your follower count
  51. Take a blogging course
  52. Create your own course
  53. Create something to sell in your blog shop
  54. Give your blog a new look
  55. Start a new social media account and grow it to 100 followers
  56. Guest post on another blog
  57. Start earning money with your blog
  58. Create an eBook
  59. Sell 5 items on your blog
  60. Start making affiliate sales
  61. Work with a brand on a sponsored post
  62. Receive a product for free for a review on your blog
  63. Reach 100 comments on your blog
  64. Reach 100,000 pageviews on your blog
  65. Get 5000 pageviews every month
  66. Post on your blog every week or every day
  67. Raise your email open rate by 10%
  68. Take the photos for every blog post you publish
  69. Drink 7 cups of water every day
  70. Become whole-food plant-based
  71. Go vegan
  72. Go sugar-free for a week
  73. Cut back on the amount of sugar you eat
  74. Become vegetarian
  75. Make 10 new recipes
  76. Make a new recipe every week
  77. Eat fruit every day
  78. Eat something that you have never eaten before
  79. Start a vegetable garden
  80. Eat vegetables every day
  81. Start a recipe book
  82. Don't eat dessert for a month
  83. Start a new hobby
  84. Read a new book every week
  85. Read a book every week
  86. Take a course or read a book on something you have wanted to learn
  87. Go on vacation
  88. Visit a place you have never been before
  89. Take photos at a new location 
  90. Take a break and just relax
  91. Organize your closet
  92. Organize your room
  93. Invest in some new pieces for your house
  94. Redecorate your room
  95. Clean out your email inbox
  96. Unsubscribe from newsletters you no longer want to receive
  97. Organize your shoes
  98. Organize your computer files
  99. Learn a new language
  100. Learn a new instrument

100 Goals to Add to Your Summer Bucket List

Pick out as many of these ideas as you want and then make them more specific if they need it. Make a tracker too, if it is something that you need to do multiple times.

If you need a little bit of inspiration on how to make your own summer bucket list, you can check out mine right here.

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100 Goals to Add to Your Summer Bucket List

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