How I Set up my Goal Planner for Success

by - June 22, 2019
I know that it isn't at the beginning of the year when everyone sets goals, but last week, I posted about my summer bucket list, so this week I wanted to post about my goal planner and about how I am using it to successfully reach my goals this year. :)

How I Set up my Goal Planner for Success

My goal planner is the second to last section in my planner, and so I don't get around to looking at it as often as I would like to, I still look at it enough times to know how my goals are going for the year.

During the summer, I probably won't look at my goal planner as much because I picked out all of the goals on my 2019 goal list, that I want to achieve during the summer and added them to my summer bucket list which I made bullet journal style. :)

I don't use a bullet journal anymore, but I still like to add some bullet journal type pages to my planner when I have time to!

I kind of went off on a tangent there, but now let's get back to what I was talking about. My goal planner is divided up into the following sections.

  • Quote Page Divider
  • 2019 Vision Board
  • 2019 Goals List
  • Short Term + Long Term Goals
  • Goal Maps
  • Goal Breakdowns
Okay, now I will tell you a little bit about each section in my goal planner. Scroll down to a section that interests you, or just read the whole thing. :)

Quote Page Divider

How I Set up my Goal Planner for Success

This quote page divider is the first page in my goal planner. I have a page divider in front of each section in my planner with a different quote on it that relates (somewhat) to the section. 

It doesn't have a tab on it because I didn't think about adding tabs to these dividers until after I had already made them so I have three other dividers, which I use to separate every other section.

The dividers without tabs I laminated though so they are harder than the other pages in my planner, making them easier to be found even without tabs.

2019 Vision Board

How I Set up my Goal Planner for Success

After the divider, the first thing I have in my goal planner section is my 2019 vision board. I made mine on cardstock just to make sure that it lasts throughout the year and doesn't get ripped.

My vision board has a quote in the middle with some glittery pink lettering to help accent the words and the rest of my vision board is black and white (except for the stickers) to help give it a more minimalist look which I really like.

For each goal, I wrote the main idea and then added a doodle next to it if I could think of one to help fill up the page. I didn't add all of my goals onto this page, just the main ones I want to accomplish.

2019 Goals List

How I Set up my Goal Planner for Success

Next, in my goal planner, I have a list of all of my 2019 goals. I don't have all of my goals on my vision board, so it is necessary to have them written down in a list too.

Plus when I made my vision board, it was helpful to have a list of what my goals were to refer back to.

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If I think of a new goal I want to accomplish this year, and I am in a hurry, I can add it to my goal list now instead of having to think of how I can make it fit into my vision board.

Short Term + Long Term Goals

How I Set up my Goal Planner for Success

My short term and long term goal pages are going to be in my planner for longer than just the year of 2019. I am going to keep them in my planner for as long as I use it or until they fill up and I finish all of my goals on them.

My short term goal list is a list of goals for the next 1-4 years. My long term goal list is for the next 5 and up years afterward.

These pages are just lists with space for me to put a check mark on one side when I finish a goal.

Goal Maps

How I Set up my Goal Planner for Success

I use goal maps and goal breakdown sheets to map out and breakdown the steps I want to take to reach each goal.

A goal map sheet in my planner is a plain piece of paper that has some basic information at the top about the goal and then has a big blank space for me to map out my goal.

Sometimes I add a sticky note to a goal map too, in case there is more information that I want to add about a goal.

How I Set up my Goal Planner for Success

A goal map can look however you want. I use a goal map for the goals which don't follow any specific pattern and can't be put into a simple list of steps to follow to reach that goal.

Goal Breakdowns

How I Set up my Goal Planner for Success

My goal breakdowns are very easy to add new goals to. I use my goal breakdown pages for goals that can be easily broken down into simple steps.

First I break my goal down into three steps.


Then I break down each step into 2-3 smaller substeps that are easier to achieve.


And that is it. Goal breakdowns can be that easy to make! Goal breakdowns are easier for me to make then goal maps because I don't have to decide where to start with a goal breakdown.

Setting up your goal planner doesn't have to be hard. It is crucial that you have some sort of planner in place to help you track your goals, so you can know whether you have achieved them or not.

That is how I set up my goal planner to help me achieve my goals. I hope that you enjoyed reading this post.

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Thank you for sharing! Have a productive week!

How I Set up my Goal Planner for Success

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