Easy Ways to Bullet Journal in Your Planner

by - July 06, 2019
Do you use a planner, but want to try out bullet journaling? You can try out bullet journaling, without giving up your current planning system! Bullet journaling can seem to be daunting at first because you get to draw all of the layouts yourself, but you don't have to dive right into bullet journaling do everything at once, especially if you still like your current planning system, and you are simply looking to see how you can make it better.

Easy Ways to Bullet Journal in Your Planner

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On the flip side, maybe you have tried bullet journaling already, and you thought it was too much to keep up with, but you still liked some of the creative aspects of the bullet journaling system. Not to worry, because you can still include some aspects of the bullet journal system into your own planner!

At one point, I thought that bullet journaling was too complicated for me, so I stopped bullet journaling, and I went back to using a planner. But I missed the creativity the bullet journal system had, so I decided to incorporate some aspects of the bullet journal system into my planner, and then I went entirely back to using a traditional bullet journal.

Not one planner system can work for everyone because everyone has different needs. Life changes too, and so when your life changes, your organization system might not work for you anymore. That's okay!

When I used a ring-bound planner, I was able to stick all kinds of paper into my planner, so I could use traditional planner pages or lined paper, dotted paper, etc. When I was feeling creative, I could make an elaborate bullet journal layout, which I can also move around to any place in my planner. (Which is a huge plus for me!) When I didn't have as much time to plan, I would just use a printed page.

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Today, I have a few techniques you can use when you feel like you want to bullet journal in your planner. Let's jump right in! :)

Easy Ways to Bullet Journal in Your Planner

Easy Ways to Bullet Journal in Your Planner

1. Use Graph Paper or Dotted Paper

If you are feeling super creative and you want to make a beautiful entire page layout like you see on Pinterest (By the way, feel free to follow me over there if you like my content!), then you can start totally from scratch with a piece of graph paper. You can also print out some dotted paper like most bullet journalists use as another option.

Check out the post below to see how I made a bullet journal layout for  my summer bucket list.
You can make your planner entirely into a bullet journal, by simply printing out a ton of dotted or graphed paper and then stick it into your planner. This way if you make a mistake, you can just remove the page and start over again!

This will only work if you use a ring-bound binder for your planner or another type of planner that allows you to add and remove pages in your planner.

But what about if you don't have a planner that you can add and remove pages? There are still options for you!

2. Leave Space at the Top of Planner Pages

If you leave space at the top of planner pages, then you can create your own bullet journal headers, which will give your planner a very personalized feel to it.

I use this type of spread for my trackers because it allows me to make my list-type pages look exactly how I want it. You can use the space at the top of your layouts to practice your hand lettering, and to add little doodles!

Easy Ways to Bullet Journal in Your Planner

3. Add Some Doodles or Use Calligraphy

Adding some doodles to any spread can make it look more like a bullet journal. Adding a simple quote in the corner of any spread can give your planner just the extra touch that it needs!

Doodles can be added to any layout, to make your planner look more like a bullet journal. Of course, you can also add stickers to make your planner look more like a bullet journal, but lots of people put stickers in their planners as well.

You can also get into using stamps or watercolors in your planner. The options are endless!

4. Use a Bullet Journal Key

If you aren't familiar with the bullet journal system, the bullet journal system has a key, which is a list of symbols, that you use to organize your bullet journal. You use these symbols throughout your bullet journal to keep everything uniform and organized.

You can use a key in your planner as well, to help keep you more organized! And who doesn't want to be more organized?

Easy Ways to Bullet Journal in Your Planner

Easy Ways to Bullet Journal in Your Planner

Those are four simple ways that you can try out the bullet journal system in your planner. If you like bullet journaling and decide that you want to give the entire system a try, you can read Bullet Journaling: What Is It? for everything you need to know to get started with bullet journaling. I hope you liked this post!

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Easy Ways to Bullet Journal in Your Planner

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