How I Store + Carry Around my Bullet Journal

by - February 22, 2020
Are you looking into the best way to carry around your bullet journal? Maybe you are trying to figure out how to store and organize your bullet journal supplies. In this post, I will share how I carry around my bullet journal and decorating essentials. :)

How I Store + Carry Around my Bullet Journal

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Updated for 2024

Why should you carry around your bullet journal? If you do not have your bullet journal with you, then you will write in it less. If you have a bag with your favorite bullet journal supplies, that you can just grab whenever you leave the house, then you will be more likely to write in it.

This year, I am trying to use my bullet journal more, so I started by buying a more traditional style bullet journal (You can read my review on it here.) I already had the mini backpack, which I bought to carry around my planner in, but I didn't use it very much because I decided to always have my bullet journal on my desk.

The problem with this was that when I added things to my planner at night, I always felt like I had to hurry so I could get to sleep earlier. So, I didn't make new layouts very often. That is why this year I am storing my bullet journal in this super cute mini backpack so I can plan wherever I am.

First, I will tell you how I am carrying around my bullet journal, and then I will give you some different ideas on how to organize and carry around your bullet journal.

How I Store + Carry Around my Bullet Journal

How I Carry Around my Bullet Journal

I bought this mini backpack off Amazon for around $20 and it is really handy for carrying around my bullet journal. It has multiple pockets on the inside and on the outside and it is just the right size for my bullet journal. It is large enough for carrying multiple journals/books in case you use multiple journals to stay organized.

I would buy a bag which is just the right size for your planning supplies because if it is too big then you will be less likely to carry it around. So buy something on the smaller side.

Inside my mini backpack, I have my bullet journal (Of course! 😊) and I have a pen case with a few of my supplies.

I bought the pen case from Michaels for around $10 and I really like that it has a hard feel to it. Do I carry around all of my bullet journal supplies? Nope!

Inside my pen case, I have...

  • My Black Sharpie Pen (My primary writing instrument)
  • 15 Zebra Mildliners (I use them for color-coding)
  • Washi Tape (I have two rolls in my pen case right now)
  • A Small Pink Stencil (Yes, pink is my favorite color! You can probably see that very easily!)

I leave the rest of my supplies in a drawer on my desk. Because do I really need to carry around all 50 of my Crayola Super Tips? No, I do not even though they are really great for decorating. :)

If I want to put my bullet journal things in another bag, all I have to do is take out my bullet journal and my pen case and I am good to go. It makes it really easy if I want to use my mini backpack for something else too.

I do not carry my bullet journal around all of the time because there are some places where I know I do not need it, but if I do, then my backpack has everything I need to bullet journal.

How I Store + Carry Around my Bullet Journal

Ideas for Carrying Around Your Bullet Journal

Okay. Have you decided to carry around your bullet journal? If you have, then here are some ideas to help you pick what supplies to carry around with you and what type of bag to pick.

1. Picking a Bag

First off you will want to pick a bag. Pick something you won't get tired of quickly and in a neutral color, so it matches your clothes. I would suggest buying something on the smaller side because you won't want to have to drag around a large bag every time you go out of the house. The purpose of carrying around your bullet journal is to make it more accessible. You don't want to forget anything important!

If you already have a purse, which you carry around, and if there is room in it then you can simply put your bullet journal and pen case in there. 

If you want to switch out the bag you carry it in, then have all of your supplies in your pen pouch and then you can easily place your bullet journal and your pen pouch into whichever bag you want to use.

Make sure that all of the supplies you are planning to carry around with you will fit. If you have more than one bullet journal, you will want to make sure that the case you pick will hold them.

If you use more than one pen in your bullet journal or you want to carry around other supplies, then I recommend using a pen case to store all of them. If you only use one pen, then you don't necessarily need a pen case.

2. Picking a Pen Case

After you have your bag, it is time to decide whether you need a pen case or not. You can also decide to just carry around your pen case and your bullet journal without a bag, but then you have to remember two things instead of just one.

This is where you decide what you want to carry around with you. If your bag has lots of pockets, then maybe you don't need a pen pouch because you can store your pens and accessories in the pockets.

Some pen cases are big enough to hold your bullet journal too, but they usually wouldn't have handles. You just have to decide what will work for you! What works for someone else might not work for you because everyone is different. :)

Decide if you are going to pick out a certain number of markers, pens, washi tape, etc. every month and then leave the rest for decorating at home. Or you can carry around your favorite markers. You can also do like I do and carry around your color-coding markers with you.

Just don't carry around everything if you know you don't need some of those accessories.

How I Store + Carry Around my Bullet Journal

In Conclusion on How to Store + Carry Around Your Bullet Journal

Hopefully, you now have an idea of how you are going to carry around your bullet journal. Everyone is different, so pick something that you think will work for you. If one way doesn't work for you, then try another way because you may decide you want something a little different. That is fine. :)

At first, I kept my bullet journal on my desk, and now I keep it in my mini backpack. Maybe you don't even need a bag to carry around your bullet journal because you always plan at your kitchen table. That is fine too!

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Have a great week and keep experimenting with your bullet journal! :)
If you have a second, then sharing is really appreciated.

How I Store + Carry Around my Bullet Journal

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