2 Years Blogging + What I Have Learned

by - February 29, 2020
I can't believe I have been blogging for two years now! It has gone by so quickly. I have learned a ton about blogging this year, and I reached some milestones! I can't wait to see what the next year has to hold for my business. :)

2 Years Blogging + What I Have Learned

It is hard to know where to begin. My blog is now two years old, and it is still growing slowly. That is fine. I do this blog as more of a hobby than a business. I still have made zero dollars from this blog, but that doesn't really matter to me.

I like taking photos and I like writing posts. Since my blog is growing slowly, it makes every milestone that much more special.

A few of my milestones this year

  • 300+ Pinterest Followers (Follow me if you want to help me reach my goals for this year. :) )
  • 200+ Email Subscribers
  • I had a mini viral pin!
  • I started taking all of my own pictures last January/end of December.
  • Over 12,000 total users on my blog.

I just wanted to say thank you to all of you reading this because you are the ones who made all of this possible. :)

2 Years Blogging + What I Have Learned

What I Plan on Doing This Year

This year I am working on blog growth. I hope to reach 1000 followers and subscribers this year! I am working on my social media strategy and I am going to be setting up my blogging layouts in my bullet journal soon!

I am also going to be focusing on learning more about blogging and social media marketing because I want this blog to keep on improving so I can better help more people to be more productive.

Unfortunately, the Productive Pixie shop will probably be closing down because of Teachable's new terms and conditions. I will have to decide if I want to start a new shop on a different platform.

The posts this year will continue to be along the same lines as last year's posts. Mostly, the posts are going to be about bullet journaling and planning, with a little bit of productivity, fashion, and lifestyle thrown in. :)

My most popular posts of this year were...

My bullet journaling posts are definitely the most popular and I really enjoy creating them and showing all of you my spreads!

2 Years Blogging + What I Have Learned

What I Have Learned From Blogging for the Last 2 Years

I have learned so much from blogging! If you are thinking about or want to start a blog, then just do it! If you start now, then you can decide if you even like blogging. Also, your blog doesn't need to be perfect when you start it. You learn so much more from actually posting on your blog, than from reading a post on how to post. What is holding you back from starting your blog?

I have learned about blog design, how to set up a post, social media marketing, SEO, guest posting, email marketing, (I need to work on this one!) and more. Blogging is changing all of the time, so you can always learn something new. :)

If I had never started blogging then I never would have started doing flat lay photography, which is something I really enjoy doing.

This is not my first blog... Surprise! This is actually my fourth blog, one which never even was made public because I thought it was too hard. Blogging is hard. Most people think you just write a few words, snap a picture or two and then click publish. There is so much more to blogging than that and that is what makes it so fulfilling (to me at least). There is always something new to work towards.

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I am looking forward to learning more about and growing my blog and business this year! Are you hoping to start a blog soon? Have a productive week.
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2 Years Blogging + What I Have Learned

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