Mini Bowknot Backpack for Under $20

by - August 10, 2019
This mini backpack is so cute! I was looking for something big enough to hold my planner in (Just in case I want to plan on the go), but it had to be cute and not too big!

Mini Bowknot Backpack for Under $20

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This mini backpack is perfect to hold my planner in. :)

It has pockets on the inside, pockets on the outside, and it has that adorable bow on the front.

I bought the backpack off of Amazon and it came in less than a week. I was really happy about that because who likes waiting for something to ship?

The backpack itself is sold by a company called PINCNEL and there are a few different designs to pick from, but I liked this one the best and the other ones were more than $20.

Well, let's get on to the actual review! :)

Mini Bowknot Backpack Review

The mini bowknot backpack came in a box with plenty of airbags inside to keep it from being damaged and an airbag on the inside to keep it from being smashed.

It also came with a thank you card from the company, which can be seen in the picture above, and a packet of green tea scented air freshener to keep the mini backpack from smelling too much like new fabric.

The mini backpack is big enough to hold my planner (which can be seen in the above picture), a notebook of around the same size, a pair of sunglasses, and a few other small accessories like chapstick or pens.

The pockets on the side aren't really big enough to hold a water bottle, but they can hold other things like pens or business cards. There is also a zippered pocket on the back, which would probably be great for holding money because when it is on your back no one can get at it.

The pocket on the front with the bow on it is big enough for pens, cards, keys, or a small phone. It has a snap closure, but if you dumped the backpack upside down accidentally, I don't think anything would fall out.

The backpack also has two pockets on the inside. One pocket has a zipper, and one doesn't have a zipper.

Mini Bowknot Backpack for Under $20

In total, the mini backpack has...

  • A pocket on either side
  • A pocket in the front and on the back
  • 2 pockets on the inside

A total of 6 pockets.

The material of the mini backpack seems thick, and the straps are adjustable. 

Mini Bowknot Backpack for Under $20

So, to sum up this post, I am going to say that I really like this mini backpack and the bowknot is super cute detail. I can't wait to use it! :)

Overall, if I was putting a review on this super cute mini bowknot backpack, I would give it 5 stars because there is plenty of room in it and it has a lot of pockets!

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Mini Bowknot Backpack for Under $20

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