Plan With Me August Bullet Journal Layouts

by - August 01, 2020
It is already August! For me, it is back to school this month, so I made some changes from my minimalist black and white July bullet journal set up. My bullet journal layout for this month is still minimalist, even though it is not black and white. I used new fonts on this layout, so it took me longer than usual to make, but I like how it turned out.

Plan With Me August Bullet Journal Layouts

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Plan With Me August Bullet Journal Layouts

Since August is back to school for me, I made some changes to what I usually do. Last month, when I had six habit trackers, it got to be too much to keep up with, so I switched back to only tracking one habit for this month.

My last monthly layout was also black and white, which was just something I did to switch things up. This month, I went back to what I usually do, which is to use black and one other color.

August Bullet Journal Supplies

  • Zebra Mildliners - The Zebra Mildliners are dual-tipped: a regular pointed tip, and a chisel tip. I bought them for color-coding, but I use them in my layouts too. All of the green on this layout is a Zebra Mildliner.
  • Black Sharpie Pen - If you have read probably any of my other posts, then you will know that I always use a black sharpie pen for writing in my bullet journal.
  • Tombow Fudesonuke Brush Pens - A great option for beginners, the Tombow Fudesonuke brush pens come in a two-pack: one hard tip, and one soft tip. I used the hard tip Tombow Fudesonuke brush pen for the calligraphy on this layout.
  • White Gel Pen - I use a white gel pen to mark out any mistakes I make on my layouts, and while it is sometimes still a little bit noticeable, it doesn't bother me. I have seen some other bullet journal layouts, where people used a white gel pen on top of black, so that is what I did for this layout.
  • Mechanical Pencil - I used a mechanical pencil to sketch in parts of this layout including some of the calligraphy because I did new fonts.

Plan With Me August Bullet Journal Layouts

August Bullet Journal Monthly Layout First Page


I flipped back through all of the layouts I have done so far this year, and I noticed that I do similar fonts for the headers on my layouts a lot. This is mostly because it is easy to do fonts I already know how to do, but I decided for August, I wanted to try out some new fonts.

The best place I have found for font inspiration is Creative Market. They have tons of beautiful fonts. This is how I do it.

  1. Go to the website and find a font you like.
  2. Click on it, and scroll down on the page until you see a box that says, "type to try it out".
  3. Type in what you are planning on writing (In this case, I typed in "August")
  4. Make the font as large as you can and there you go! You now have a new font to use in your bullet journal!

For this layout, I used "Antoinette" and "Chloe". After I wrote out "August", I drew in some flowers because the lettering wasn't centered. 

Drawing flowers in your bullet journal doesn't have to be complicated. Start off by drawing a simple flower, and then add leaves, dots, and ferns around it. I hadn't done flowers in my bullet journal before, because I thought it would be too hard. After trying it out though, I have changed my mind. :)

There is a blank space below the header, which I might use later, but for now, I am just leaving it blank.

Plan With Me August Bullet Journal Layouts


I usually do a mini calendar, but this month, I decided to make my calendar bigger and I removed the "this month" section with the dates on it. The calendar is always one of my favorite sections on my monthly, and this one is no different. :)

I removed the "this month" section because I haven't been using it. Next month, I may add it back in, but the calendar is "hopefully" big enough to write in anything which usually isn't on my schedule.


The header is where I first used the "Chloe" font and even though it has thicks and thins, I put them in after I wrote it with a black Sharpie pen.

I usually only have five goals every month, but there was enough room on the layout, so I added in a sixth one. :)

Since there was still some blank space, I added some more of the plant doodles.

Plan With Me August Bullet Journal Layouts

August Bullet Journal Monthly Layout Second Page


Instead of having a "this month" section, I went back to having my running to-do list because I can write down dates here as well as tasks I need to do.

Plus, because I am going back to school this month, I am also going to be making my bullet journal layouts for school. I can write down the layouts I am going to need in this section.

Basically, this is a catch-all section where I can write down anything. :)


The "Antoinette" font was pretty hard to do, but I wanted to use it at least twice, so I used it for my "Highlights" section. In my "Highlights" section, I write down my favorite memories of the month.

I also added some doodles at the bottom, so it doesn't look too blank before I write anything down.


This is pretty self-explanatory. I write down anything I have going on next month. I made it very small because I don't write anything there very often.

Habit Tracker

In the bottom corner, I added my habit tracker for the month. Last month, I used six, but it was too much, and I couldn't keep up with them so this month I scaled it back to one habit tracker.

Hopefully, I will be able to keep up with it!

I drew the doodle because I couldn't center the habit tracker. If you can't center something on your bullet journal layout, and you want it centered, consider adding a doodle or two to make it centered.

Plan With Me August Bullet Journal Layouts

August Bullet Journal Layouts

For the past two months, I have been doing weekly layouts, and I liked them, but because I am on summer break I don't have that much going on. When school starts up, I will probably start making the same type of weekly layout as I did for June and July.

I really liked trying out new fonts for this layout, so I will probably try some new fonts next month too!

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I hope you liked this post! What is your bullet journal theme for the month?
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Plan With Me August Bullet Journal Layouts

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