Plan With Me June Bullet Journal Layouts

by - June 06, 2020
I can't believe the year is already almost halfway over! For my June bullet journal layout, I switched up a bunch of things from last month. I also used shades of orange for my June bullet journal color scheme because I realized that I almost never use orange in my bullet journal. Using orange for my June bullet journal layouts makes for a nice citrusy summer theme.

Plan With Me June Bullet Journal Layout

Plan With Me June Bullet Journal Layouts

Last month, I went with a pink scrapbook style look, and I loved it, but for this month, I decided to go with something a little different. Just like last month though, I used different shades of the color I picked to use for the month.

I switched around some sections, added in "month in review", and removed my monthly to-do list entirely!

I wanted this layout to be slightly messy and very casual so I didn't use a ruler at all. This is something I never do. :) Now that it is summer though, I felt like trying something new.

June Bullet Journal Supplies

I used my usual bullet journal supplies, minus a ruler.

  • Crayola SuperTips - Crayola SuperTips are used on almost all of my spreads! They are great for beginners, really affordable, and there are tons of colors. If you are looking to buy some markers to use in your bullet journal, then I recommend these ones.
  • Black Sharpie Pen - If you have read probably any of my other posts, then you will know that I always use a black sharpie pen for writing in my bullet journal.
  • Tombow Fudesonuke Brush Pens - Another great option for beginners, the Tombow Fudesonuke brush pens come in a two-pack: one hard tip, and one soft tip. I used the hard tip Tombow Fudesonuke brush pen for the calligraphy on this layout.
  • Tombow Dual Tip Brush Pens - Even though these ones are a little bit expensive, they are double-tipped: one side is a brush tip, and the other side has a regular pointed tip, making them good for multiple purposes.
  • Zebra Mildliners - The Zebra Mildliners are also dual-tipped: a regular pointed tip, and a chisel tip. I bought them for color-coding, but I use them in my layouts too.
  • White Gel Pen - I use a white gel pen to mark out any mistakes I make on my layouts, and while it is sometimes still a little bit noticeable, it doesn't bother me.
  • Mechanical Pencil - I used a mechanical pencil to sketch in parts of this layout, but I did the calligraphy freehand.

Plan With Me June Bullet Journal Layout

June Bullet Journal First Page


For the header, I drew two orange slices, and I colored outside of the lines on purpose to make the layout feel more casual and summery. I wrote "June" in lowercase letters, and I didn't like it that much, so I added "summer time!" underneath with accent lines, and now I like it better.

This Month

Then, I added in the "this month" section, just like I usually do, but with the header on the side of the page. And yes, I am planning on running 30 kilometers this month. Last summer I did 25 kilometers, so this summer I decided to step it up!


I am just starting to get back into habit tracking. For the last two months, I have only been tracking one habit a month. Now that it is summer though, I decided to do a few every month. I already messed up on one of them, but I can hopefully still complete the other ones. :)

Plan With Me June Bullet Journal Layout

June Bullet Journal Second Page

Mini Calendar

I almost always add a mini-calendar to my monthly layouts because it makes it really easy for me to see at a glance what day it is, etc. What makes this mini calendar different from the ones I have done, is that I separated each day into a different box. It takes up more room, then it would have if I hadn't separated them into boxes, but I removed my running to-do list (more on this later) so I had more room.

I did each row of the mini-calendar with a different colored marker. Some of the colors are kind of similar though. :)


The section for July is small because I don't usually use it very much. It is nice to have though, just in case I want to make notes about the month ahead.

Goals for June

I set five goals for June. Each one of my five monthly goals is helping me in some way to reach my goals for the year. If you are interested in reading about how I am planning for my goals this year, then you can read How I am Goal Setting for 2020 in My Bullet Journal.

For each numbered box, I used a different colored marker, just like I used a different colored marker on each row of the mini calendar.

In Review

Instead of having a "Highlights" section, I decided to switch it to an "In Review" section, so I can write down anything I want to remember, and not just the highlights of the month.

Plan With Me June Bullet Journal Layout

June Bullet Journal Weekly Layouts

You might have already guessed this because I removed my running task list from my June monthly bullet journal layouts but... I am starting to use weekly layouts again!

I haven't been using weekly layouts since the beginning of the year, but I decided to start making them again. The design I am using this month is very simple. Every morning, I draw the simple header, and then I write in all of my to-do's for the day.

This way, I never have any wasted space because I draw the header for the day right below the to-do list I made the day before. If I miss a day, I can simply pick up where I left off. I plan on doing this design and set up for the entire month so I can see if I like it and want to continue making weekly layouts.

Plan With Me June Bullet Journal Layout

June Monthly Bullet Journal Layouts

I made a bunch of changes to my bullet journal set up this month, so I will see how it works for me, and make changes as needed on next month's layout.

I hope you liked seeing my bullet journal layout for the month. If you did, you might also want to check out my layouts from previous months.

What is your bullet journal theme for June? Have a fun and productive month!
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Plan With Me June Bullet Journal Layout

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