How to Automatically be a Classier Girl in 10 Steps

by - November 06, 2021

Elegant. Refined. Poised. Do you want to be all of these things? I think we could all use with being a little bit more elegant. When you are a classy person, people treat you with more respect. They may assume that you are high-class, wealthier, or more educated, but that doesn't have to be the case! Here are 10 steps you can take to automatically be a classier girl!

How to Automatically be a Classier Girl in 10 Steps

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Updated for 2024

Recently, I finished reading the book Lessons With Madame Chic: 20 Stylish Secrets I Learned While Living in Paris by Jennifer L. Scott. The book has quite a few good tips and a few humorous stories, so if you haven't read it, it's an easy-to-read delightful book to pick up the next time you are at your library.

If you are interested in up-leveling your life and becoming a classier girl, the Anna Bey YouTube channel is also a great resource.

Lessons With Madame Chic made me think about living everyday life in a classier way, so I wanted to put together an article of my own, with the 10 things that I think are most important to being a classy person. Plus, I have had interest from blog readers for more personal development content so I thought this would be a great place to start!

Let's get right into how you can automatically be a classier girl in just 10 steps!

How to Automatically be a Classier Girl in 10 Steps

1. Watch Your Posture + How You Walk

How are you sitting (or standing) right now? I'm going to take a guess. Chances are, 50% or more of the people reading this article are slouching or hunching over at least a little. You probably straightened up once you read that heading!

Standing up straight is such a small thing, but it can and will make a huge difference.

Also, pay attention to how you walk. Are you always in a hurry? Do you always appear rushed? Practice walking with a purpose, but be graceful at the same time.

How to Automatically be a Classier Girl in 10 Steps

2. Watch Your Language

How many times have you heard someone curse, and then you thought "wow, that person is really classy"?

Yeah, I didn't think so. Every classy person should stay away from cursing (pretty obvious), vulgar terms, and all euphemisms for expletives.

Some people probably think that euphemisms are acceptable, but they really aren't because everyone knows what the person actually means. I've always wondered why people use euphemisms for expletives because if you use a euphemism, you might as well just curse.

If you are already free of all of that, then you can take it to the next level by removing casual slang (Words like what's up, hey, that's sick dude, etc) from your vocabulary. I'm still working on this one myself! 😂 This will elevate your everyday tone, and people will think that you are more educated and refined.

This includes texting and all forms of online communication. You want your online footprint to reflect the classy person you are in real life. Be honest and trustworthy.

Imagine if you interview for a job, and you are a super classy person during the interview, and then the interviewer checks out your social media profiles online and finds a slew of profane, tasteless pictures with vulgar captions. That would be a nightmare!

Of course, since you are reading my blog, I doubt you would post such things online. To put it simply, be a classier girl by talking about classy things.

3. Cultivate Refined Tastes

What is the best way to not be a profane, vulgar person? It's by only consuming content that reflects the type of person you are striving to become.

Listen to, watch, and read content that is classy, and it will help you to be a classier person! It's pretty obvious, but it takes a little bit more work to put into practice.

You can start by going to museums, and attending concerts. (For clarification, by "concerts", I do not mean rock concerts)

It might also be time to check out a few of the classics from your local library. Study classic works, and you will be more classy!

You may also want to find a role model, someone who you think is super classy. It may be someone like Audrey Hepburn. Then you want to study this person as much as you can. When you are trying to decide if doing or saying something is classy or not, you can ask yourself, "Would [insert your role model's name] do or say this?"

How to Automatically be a Classier Girl in 10 Steps

4. Have a Well-Put-Together Wardrobe

I could write a whole blog post, or maybe even several on how to dress like a classier person. For starters, you should have a well-put-together wardrobe. The items in your wardrobe don't necessarily need to be expensive, but they should all look classy.

Again, you can look at how your role model dresses, and then you can use their style as inspiration for your own.

I have a capsule wardrobe, and it definitely helps me to maintain a well-put-together wardrobe because the pieces are easy to mix and match so I don't have to waste time creating outfits.

Here are a few other tips for creating a classy wardrobe.

  1. Create a color palette for your wardrobe.
  2. Only buy a trend if you really like it.
  3. Buy quality over quantity.
  4. Stick with more formal clothing over casual clothing, but keep your lifestyle in mind. (trousers over sweatpants, ballet flats over flip-flops, blazer over hoodie)
  5. Don't go overboard with your makeup.

For more tips, you can read How to Dress Chic + Classy on a Budget.

5. Always Be Learning + be Up-to-Date

No, I'm not talking about pop culture. I mean being up-to-date about current events. It doesn't matter if you don't know who won what award at the Emmys, but if you don't know what is happening in the world, then that is a problem. I'm sure you don't want to risk looking like a classy fool!

Besides current events, you should regularly be learning something new. Every day is ideal. Find a topic you are interested in, and then learn a little about it daily. When you are well educated, you will definitely be a classier girl!

You can read books, listen to podcasts, find free online courses, and of course, read articles (like this one!) to expand your knowledge. Learning a new language is also always a wonderful option. The opportunities are endless!

6. Have Interests + at Least be Passionate About One Thing

"What do you like to do in your spare time?"


You think over the past week. You ate, you slept, you watched TV, you used your phone or laptop for wayyy too many hours, and you worked. Oh, and you went shopping. Maybe that counts???

We've all been asked this (maybe dreaded) question about what you do in your spare time. What's the definition of "spare time" anyway? Technically, if you are doing something, then it's not "spare time".

Anyway, you need hobbies that you do in your "spare time" so make sure you have hobbies outside of eating, passively watching entertainment, and sleeping.

How to Automatically be a Classier Girl in 10 Steps

7. Always Mind Your Manners

This is a very cliche tip, but it is a necessity in an article on how to be classier! If you haven't taken a course on manners, then now would be the time to do it to uplevel your life.

Mind your manners wherever you are. Practicing at home is also a wonderful idea. And if someone is rude to you, then that is an excellent way to practice your manners.

Plus, if you have any bad habits, decide now that you will do your best to drop them moving forward.

8. Be Punctual + Organized

Classy girls never arrive late. Walk with purpose, but don't look rushed or flustered. Looking flustered will not help you maintain a classy appearance!

Being organized will help you be punctual. I use a bullet journal to stay organized, and if you have had trouble sticking with planners, then maybe you should try one.

Always have a clean, chic home as well. Imagine if you were going over to a classy woman's house, and you thought it would look very sophisticated, but instead, it looks like a pig pen! I think that would be a big surprise! We want to avoid that.

9. Don't Overdo It

Classy people don't need to be over the top. You don't need to wear designer clothes every day and then be absolutely picture perfect in your attitude and demeanor. People may think you are stuck up.

The classiest people don't need to be the center of attention because they know their worth. They don't need anyone else to validate their opinion of themselves. This doesn't mean that they are proud. No, not at all!

A classy girl isn't obsessed with how she looks, or how much she has.

Be gracious and humble. Be patient and kind.

10. Know Your Worth

Know your morals, and stick to them. Never let anyone tear you down or treat you like trash. Be willing to stop being friends with someone, or to leave a situation when you aren't being treated like the classy girl you are.

And one more thing, be kind to yourself, and treat yourself every once in a while! You deserve it!

How to Automatically be a Classier Girl in 10 Steps

How to Automatically be a Classier Girl in 10 Steps

Becoming a classier person will take practice, but it will be worth it! If you mess up, it is okay because we are always working on becoming better versions of ourselves, and it is not going to happen in a single day!

Before you go, make sure you write down these action steps you can take to be a classier girl!

  1. Stand up straighter.
  2. Walk with purpose and with grace.
  3. Never curse or use euphemisms for expletives, and avoid slang.
  4. Decide on one way you can cultivate refined tastes.
  5. Go through your wardrobe and get rid of trashy items.
  6. Make a wardrobe plan.
  7. Learn something daily.
  8. Educate yourself on current events.
  9. Develop your interests and talents. (Writing is one of my interests, so that is what I am working on improving!)
  10. Have good manners always.
  11. Organize your house.
  12. Organize your life using an organizational system. (a bullet journal, a planner, an app)
  13. Don't overdo it.
  14. Always remember your worth.

Well... that's not 10 steps, but the last few can just be extra! If you liked this article, you can read the ones below too!

If you only remember one of these, please remember to always know your worth because that will help you make better decisions and you will be a classier girl! Have a wonderful week everyone!
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How to Automatically be a Classier Girl in 10 Steps

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