Back to School Bullet Journal Layouts Part 2

by - September 21, 2019
You might have already read my first back to school bullet journaling post, but if you haven't, you will want to go read that here. Then come back to read this post, which has some extra school bullet journal layouts you might like to add to your bullet journal.

Back to School Bullet Journal Layouts Part 2

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Updated for 2024

Some of these layouts can also be adapted to use for goal setting, for your everyday life, so if you are no longer in school, then you can still figure out a way to use these!

The other post in this series covered the following layouts.

  • My cover page/color code
  • The first semester at a glance
  • The second semester at a glance
  • My weekly schedule layout
  • My exercise two-page layout (An example of what a layout for a class can look like)

School Bullet Journal Layouts

I like to have a layout for each of my classes to put information about the class, important tasks, requirements, and holidays. In this post, I have two more examples of types of pages you can make for your classes.

And with that, let's get right into the first layout.

Back to School Bullet Journal Layouts Part 2

This is an example of one of my class layouts. On one side I have semester one and on the other side I have semester two. This type of layout is great for a class, where you have to track something like exercise. For all of the purple on this page, I used a Crayola Super Tip (Click to see how I use these in my bullet journal).

At the bottom is a list of requirements for the task, so as I do the tasks, I can check them off. You can also have a tracker at the bottom, to see how well you are doing.

Back to School Bullet Journal Layouts Part 2

Yes, I know I blurred out a lot of this layout, but I hope that you can still get the idea of what this layout looks like. At the top, I did the title with a reddish-pink Crayola Super Tip (Click to see how I use these in my bullet journal) in hollowed out calligraphy, then I underlined it in a black sharpie pen. It is my go-to favorite planning pen because of how nice and dark the ink is!

This layout isn't all of the way done because I haven't made the second-semester page yet. For this layout, I have one row for each week, where I can write in the tasks for that week, and then check it off when I do it.

This way, I can see at a glance if I have done all of the assigned homework for that week.

On the other page for this layout, I will have the same sort of thing with a line for each week and maybe some info at the bottom for notes about the final or teacher information.

Would you like to see some of my other layouts for school classes? Just leave a comment below and let me know. :)

Back to School Bullet Journal Layouts Part 2

After I have all of my class pages, I have my daily routine page. I have a whole post on this layout, and how you can make one. Plus, this post has tips for setting up your own daily routine. You can read the full post here.

Back to School Bullet Journal Layouts Part 2

I wanted this page to look mostly minimalist so I could add more goals. I broke this page into six sections and under each section, I can add seven goals I want to complete before the school year ends.

The sections I picked for my school goals page are...

  • School (I couldn't leave school off this School Goals layout 😊)
  • Personal
  • Church
  • Blogging
  • Exercise
  • Other

You can use my headers for your layout or think of your own. I did all of the lines and checkboxes in the same red Crayola Super Tip I used for the second layout in this post.

Back to School Bullet Journal Layouts Part 2

School Bullet Journal Layouts

This last page is actually one of my favorite school bullet journal layouts because of how simple and put together this page looks. It also only has two colors on it, which is one of my favorite styles of bullet journal pages.

For this page, I used my black sharpie pen and a light blue pencil. This page doesn't have to be used for school because you can put "100 before (insert date), but if you want you can put "100 before (the day you graduate, or the day school ends)".

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Which one of these pages is your favorite, or which one of these pages are you going to try? I would love to hear your answer! Have a great week! :)
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Back to School Bullet Journal Layouts Part 2

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