How to Use Hand Lettering in Your Planner

by - August 03, 2019
Do you love hand lettering and want to find more ways to use it? Or do you love using your planner or bullet journal but want to make it more decorative?

How to Use Hand Lettering in Your Planner

Well if you answered yes to one or both of the questions, then there is one answer to both questions. You need to figure out how to use hand lettering in your bullet journal or planner.

On a side note, I have been learning calligraphy for a few months now, and I get most of my calligraphy printables from ByDawnNicole and she puts out new calligraphy pages regularly with lots of different fonts. If you are looking to learn calligraphy, I would recommend going over to her site and printing out a few of her free pages. Both of the calligraphy practice pages in the photo above are from ByDawnNicole.

So if you want to learn how to do calligraphy before using it in your planner or bullet journal, you can click on one of the links above and do some practice sheets before coming back here to see how to use it in your planner.

If you already like hand lettering, then you can scroll down and check out some ways I like to use hand lettering and calligraphy in my planner.

How to Use Hand Lettering in Your Planner or Bullet Journal

1. Use Hand Lettering for Headers

Adding a fancy header in calligraphy to the top of the page is a simple, easy way to decorate your planner or bullet journal. It can take any page from plain to gorgeous and it can make you more likely to use that tracker or visit that page if you know that you have a page you really like on it.

2. Use Hand Lettering for Days/Weeks/Months

If you want to practice your hand lettering a lot, you can write out a new header every day and then you will be practicing your hand lettering at least once a week. Or every month, you can pick one or two fonts to master and then you can use those fonts all month to decorate your planner or bullet journal.

3. Add Quotes to Your Pages

Add a decorated quote to your page and you will have a super pretty page! It is great motivation too.

4. Use Hand Lettering on Your Dividers

If you use a planner or a bullet journal in a binder, then you most likely have dividers. What better way to decorate those dividers than with some fun fancy lettering? Making planner dividers is always a fun activity for the weekends.

5. Do a Calligraphy Challenge

Do a fun word-a-day challenge in your bullet journal, and see how much your handwriting improves. Plus you can have a pretty page in your planner to inspire you afterward.

These are the five ways that I thought of to use hand lettering in your bullet journal or planner. My favorite way is to use hand lettering for headers. How do you use hand lettering in your planner?

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How to Use Hand Lettering in Your Planner

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