4 Fall Wardrobe Staples

by - September 28, 2019
Fall. It is one of my favorite times of the year. The weather starts getting colder. Leaves fall from the trees. Delicious Thanksgiving goodies. And it is time to figure out what you are going to wear for fall and winter.

4 Fall Wardrobe Staples

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Maybe you have no idea what to wear or maybe you don't even have anything in your wardrobe that you like. If the second option is what you are feeling right now, go check out the post Capsule Wardrobe 101 + a List of Must-Haves and then come back here to finish reading this post.

Just a side note, the staple items in this post may not apply to you if you live somewhere where it never gets cold at all or if you live somewhere where it gets extremely cold. These are my personal wardrobe staples, and even though I tried to make these items very general, if you never dress up very often, or you don't like wearing skirts, then that is totally fine. These are just wardrobe staples which I think everyone should have some form of,

That was a long side note. I didn't expect that it would be that long, but okay, back to the post about fall wardrobe staples.

4 Fall Wardrobe Staples to Have in Your Closet

4 Fall Wardrobe Staples

1. A Button-up Shirt

Button-up shirts are very classy and they can be dressed up or down. They can be worn casually on the weekends, or to work, which makes them perfect for almost everyone. Just add a button-up shirt to a pair of skinny jeans and some cute ankle boots (more on those later :) ) and you are ready to go for the day and look very put together.

Just remember to iron it, or buy wrinkle-free shirts so it doesn't take your outfit down a level.

For fall, button-up shirts are warm enough (At least mine are) so I don't have to wear them with a jacket most of the time, but jackets, like a blazer or peacoat, can be layered over a button-up shirt to create a very nice look.

In every wardrobe, I recommend having around two button-up shirts in different styles or prints. If you don't like button-up shirts at all, then just have one or leave them out of your wardrobe if you absolutely detest them. :)

4 Fall Wardrobe Staples

2. A Nice Coat

Yes. You need a nice coat and no, a hoodie doesn't count. Buy a coat like a trench coat, or a peacoat. If where you live it doesn't get very cool, buy a blazer or a more casual field jacket (I have one from Old Navy!)

The peacoat in the picture above is also from Old Navy and I really like it. It is warm, but not super heavy and the material is nice and thick too, but I am not sure if it would be warm enough for really cold winters. :)

A nice coat is something that you can take with you everywhere and it helps make you always look put together.

When you don't know what to wear, just throw on a tee, some skinny jeans, a coat, and shoes of your choice. It is that simple.

4 Fall Wardrobe Staples

3. A Cute Skirt

My choice for a cute skirt is a circle skater skirt, but you can pick whatever type of skirt you want. Skirts are great for fall because they look more dressy, but usually, don't take more effort. Plus if the temperature is warm then you don't have to be wearing pants. 

If it gets colder, that is no problem, just throw on a pair of black tights underneath the skirt and a pair of boots and your outfit is done! Just a word of caution about wearing tights underneath your skirt. Don't wear tights that don't reach to the top of your boots because that will make your legs look shorter.

The skirt in the picture above is from Amazon and the material is thick, so it is a pretty warm skirt. I bought mine in the longer length so it reaches almost to my knees. I actually have two of these skirts. One in black and the red one which is shown above.

4 Fall Wardrobe Staples

4. Boots

I put this header as boots so you can pick what type of boots you want to wear. I have read some must-have item posts that have a specific set of items with links to each item you are supposed to buy. That wouldn't work for everyone because everyone has different needs. 

I tried to make this post general enough so that you can notice what you have and then use it. If I put his header as ankle boots, and you had knee-high boots and lace-up boots. You don't need to go out and buy ankle boots. Just wear the ones you have, unless they are getting too small and you need to look for something new.

Boots are perfect for fall. They keep your feet warm, and they can sometimes be worn with longer comfy socks too, depending on the outfit! For a capsule wardrobe, I recommend having two pairs of boots so you can have a pair that are more dressy and a pair that are more casual.

The boots in the picture above are Candies and I don't think they are sold anymore, but I have had these ones for over two years and they still look almost brand new, which makes me really happy. I like it when my clothes last for a long time!

Which Wardrobe Staples do You Have in Your Closet?

I would love to hear what your fall staples are? Do you love to wear cardigans and sweaters or are you dependant on your lace-up boots during winter to take you everywhere? Leave me a comment below and let me know! :)

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4 Fall Wardrobe Staples

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