My Bullet Journal Summer Bucket List + How You Can Create One Too!

by - May 23, 2020
It is officially summer for me! I want to relax and have as much fun as I can, but I also want to work towards my yearly goals during the summer too. I made this bullet journal summer bucket list so I have a plan of everything I want to do during the summer. Plus, I have some tips on how you can make your own bullet journal summer bucket list too. :)

My Bullet Journal Summer Bucket List + How You Can Create One Too!

For my bullet journal summer bucket list this year, I went with a blue theme because I wanted it to remind me of the beach and the ocean.

I added way fewer things to do on my bucket list this year than last year when I added 45! I completed almost all of them, but it took a lot of work. This summer, I want a little bit more time to relax and to just do things that aren't necessarily planned so I only added 25 things to my bucket list. See what my bullet journal summer bucket list from last year looked like here.

Last year, I also added things that I had to do every day, and I decided not to do that this year, because then if I miss a day, then I can't cross it off my list. The only thing on my list, that I hope to do almost every day, is exercising five times a week.

Doing some of the things on my list every day last year, did help me create new habits. For example, one of the things on my list was to journal every day, and it is a habit I have continued for a whole year now. So if you are looking to create a new habit, then consider adding it to your summer bucket list because it definitely worked for me! Just remember to make it a small task, so it isn't too much to keep up with.

Now let's get into how I made this layout.

My Bullet Journal Summer Bucket List Supplies

I used lots of different shades of blue on this spread! The supplies with links, go to my review of the product. I am really happy with how this spread turned out because I did it almost entirely freehand. I did have to use my white gel pen a lot though!

  • Crayola SuperTips - Crayola SuperTips are used on almost all of my spreads! They are great for beginners, really affordable, and there are tons of colors. If you are looking to buy some markers to use in your bullet journal, then I recommend these ones.
  • Ecoline Brush Pens - The Ecoline brush pens are the newest addition to my stationery collection and I really like them, but they are on the pricey side. The ink is really smooth and juicy though. :)
  • Black Sharpie Pen - If you have read probably any of my other posts, then you will know that I always use a black sharpie pen for writing in my bullet journal.
  • Tombow Fudesonuke Brush Pens - Another great option for beginners, the Tombow Fudesonuke brush pens come in a two-pack: one hard tip, and one soft tip. I used the hard tip Tombow Fudesonuke brush pen for the calligraphy on this layout.
  • Tombow Dual Tip Brush Pens - Even though these ones are a little bit expensive, they are double-tipped: one side is a brush tip, and the other side has a regular pointed tip, making them good for multiple purposes.
  • Zebra Mildliners - The Zebra Mildliners are also dual-tipped: a regular pointed tip, and a chisel tip. I bought them for color-coding, but I use them in my layouts too.
  • White Gel Pen - I use a white gel pen to mark out any mistakes I make on my layouts, and while it is sometimes still a little bit noticeable, it doesn't bother me.
  • Mechanical Pencil - Yes. This is still on the list. I drew the circles in with a pencil before I filled them in with a blue marker.
  • A Stencil - The stencil was used to draw all of the numbered circles.

That is all of the supplies I used on this layout, so now I will talk about the actual sections I have included in this layout.

My Bullet Journal Summer Bucket List

My Bullet Journal Summer Bucket List + How You Can Create One Too!

I used only two colors on this layout like I usually do, but I used a bunch of different shades of blue, to mix things up, instead of actually only using two colors. (I hope this makes sense. :) )

To make this layout more minimalist, I did the header all in black. When I started this layout, I had pretty much no idea of how I wanted it to look, so I started it off with simple a simple header.

For each item on my summer bucket list, I added a number with the black outlined circle around it. Then to add some color, I used a blue marker to make a drop shadow. I think it makes it look a little bit more abstract and modern.

Then I wrote what the item is, in small capital letters. If there was enough room, I would add a small doodle next to the item.

If it is something that I am going to be doing multiple times, then I added a row of dots underneath, which I will fill in with my black Sharpie marker, as I complete it. In the picture above, you can see that I have already read 1/10 of the books I am going to read.

I tried to switch up the colors I used, but some of my blue markers are in very similar shades. :)

How I Decided What Items to Add to My Bullet Journal Summer Bucket List

You might be wondering how I decided what to add my bullet journal summer bucket list. I started by looking at my goals for this year.

Then on my summer bucket list, I added smaller goals that will help me reach my bigger goals for the year. This took up a good amount of space on my bullet journal bucket list. I also added in a few things that I should do during the summer, like decluttering my room. :)

After that, I added relaxing things I want to do this summer and some fun hobbies that I like to do!

My Bullet Journal Summer Bucket List + How You Can Create One Too!

On the side of the second page, I added this tracker. I incorporated the "circle theme" by adding two circles on the corner of the page. Each item on my list has a circle. As I complete the items on my list I am going to fill in this tracker so I can see at a glance how many of the items on my list I have completed.

I had a tracker on my list last year, and I really liked it, so I added it in again this year.

My Bullet Journal Summer Bucket List + How You Can Create One Too!

Because I only have 25 items on my bullet journal summer bucket list this year, I had extra room on the second page. Last year, my summer bucket list was three pages long and it didn't have a "Memories" section. The pages were smaller though! Anyway, I decided to add a "Memories" section to this layout. This way, I have a spot to record all of the fun things I do this summer. :)

How to Make Your Own Bullet Journal Summer Bucket List

Are you ready to make your own bullet journal summer bucket list? Read my tips below to start making yours now.

  1. Decide What Items You Want to Add to Your List - First, you will want to decide what you want to do this summer. Add a few goals, some fun things, and some relaxing things, for a good mix. If you want some ideas, then read 100 Goals to Add to Your Summer Bucket List to get you started. You can read about how I decided what to add to my bullet journal summer bucket list in the section after the second picture.
  2. Get Some Inspiration - This is what you are doing right now! Sometimes, it is hard to start a layout because you have no idea how you want the layout to look. This post has some tips for you on how to bullet journal when feeling uninspired.
  3. Just Start - I could tell you to decide how you want your layout to look, or to pick colors, or even to decide what sections you want to add, but to be honest when I started this layout, I didn't really know what I wanted it to look like. I just started it. Then as I worked on it, the layout pulled together.

I hope you liked these tips! If you did, consider reading these posts too.

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My Bullet Journal Summer Bucket List + How You Can Create One Too!

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