Using Ecoline Brush Pens in My Bullet Journal

by - April 11, 2020
Who here loves stationery and markers? Me too! I just barely got three packs of Ecoline brush pens and they work so well. Today, I will tell you my honest opinion of the Ecoline brush pens and I will tell you how well they are working in my bullet journal, so you can decide if you want to use these in your bullet journal.

Using Ecoline Brush Pens in My Bullet Journal

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Updated for 2024 - I still love using these pens! I use these pens even more then I use my Tombow brush pens.

Later in the post, I will talk about how well you can bullet journal with them, and then I will compare them with Tombow Dual Brush Pens (Click to read my review.), which are super popular.

If you don't bullet journal, then that is fine too because these brush pens will work for lots of different things like calligraphy, and scrapbooking. Sound good? Let's get right into the review then.

Ecoline Brush Pens Review

First of all, I bought three of the Ecoline brush pen five packs. They are a little bit on the pricey side, but as you will read below, I think the money was worth it.

The colors of these brush pens are beautiful! The colors are very vibrant and the ink is smooth and juicy.

Using Ecoline Brush Pens in My Bullet Journal


The colors in the beige pink pack were very light and pastel and I really like them. The beige pink pack is my favorite just because I love the colors! Some of them are a little bit on the brown side, but it isn't a problem for me because after all, it is called beige pink and not just pink.

Some of the colors in the blue pack look a little similar to me, but this might be perfect for someone who wants every color of blue. I would have liked if there had been a pastel blue, but since I already have a pastel blue Tombow dual brush pen and a pastel blue Crayola SuperTip, it is fine.

The colors of the violet pack were very different, and I like that because it will give me more options, than having five similar shades of purple. Again I would have liked if there had been a pastel purple color because I like using pastel colors in my bullet journal best. They do sell a pastel pack on Amazon, but I didn't get it because I thought it would be too similar to colors I already have.


The markers are around the same size as a regular Crayola marker. I like the design of the pen cap. As you can see in the photo above, it is easy to match up the pen with the lid because of how the top of the pen was designed.

Each pen has a number and a color name, so it is super easy to find the one you want. Another plus to these pens is that the color of the outside of the marker is very close to the color of the actual pen. I hate it when I grab a marker, and then when I start using it, it is a totally different color than what I thought it would be! You won't have that problem with these brush pens. :)

Using Ecoline Brush Pens in My Bullet Journal

Actual Use

Now for the part of this post, you have been waiting for. How well do they actually work? They work really well! The ink is so smooth and it comes right out. These are definitely not dry or scratchy brush pens.

The tip of the brush pen is a little bit shorter than the tip on a Tombow Dual Tip brush pen, but it is more flexible so you can still make thick lines. Because it does have a more flexible tip, it is harder to make thin lines though so keep this in mind if you are a beginner to calligraphy and hand lettering.

I have to mention how well these brush pens blend. I made this "Goals for a Decade" layout in my bullet journal last night, and I didn't even have to use a blender pen on these to blend them together. I first wrote out "goals" in the lighter color and then I added the pink on top and it looked good. They didn't need to be blended together.

The ink is pretty wet so I think that is why I didn't need to blend them. They didn't bleed through my bullet journal pages either though so they are not too wet to use for bullet journaling (More on how I am using them in my bullet journal in just a minute).

When I touched the ink, right after using it, it didn't smear, but it was damp. If you used a lot of ink on one page, it might wrinkle the paper.

Using Ecoline Brush Pens in My Bullet Journal

How They Compare to Tombow Dual Brush Pens

Tombow Dual Tip brush pens are probably the most well-known in the bullet journal world so I wanted to compare them for you, so you can decide for yourself if it is worth it to buy the Ecoline brush pens. 

  1. They are not Dual-Tipped - The Ecoline brush pens are not dual-tipped so if you are looking for the most options for your money, then these might not be the best option.
  2. They are More Expensive - The Ecoline brush pens are more expensive than Tombow Dual brush pens, but the Ecoline brush pens might have more ink in them because they are a thicker pen.
  3. They Might be Harder to Use - If you are a beginner, then you would want to go with the Tombow Dual-Tipped brush pens because they have a stiffer nib, which is easier to use in my opinion.
I like both the Tombow Dual Tip brush pens and the Ecoline brush pens equally, but I think if you are a beginner, or you are on a tight budget, then the Tombow Dual Tip brush pens are a better buy. If you have been using brush pens for a while, then I would say that the Ecoline brush pens are a great buy.

Using Ecoline Brush Pens in My Bullet Journal

How I am Using Ecoline Brush Pens in My Bullet Journal

Overall, I really like these brush pens, but I wouldn't recommend them to a beginner because of the price and because of the more flexible pen nib. If you are just getting into doing calligraphy and hand lettering, then you don't want to spend a lot of money into a hobby, and then decide you don't like it.

I have been using these in my bullet journal with no problems. The Ecoline brush pens ghost a little bit, but they don't bleed at all in my notebook. I use a Minimalism Art Classic Notebook with 100 gsm paper for reference.

You will be seeing me use these brush pens in my bullet journal from now on!

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Using Ecoline Brush Pens in My Bullet Journal

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