How to Stop Procrastinating + Be More Productive

by - September 12, 2020
We all know the dreaded feeling... when you have something you really need to do, but you keep putting it off, over and over, and over again. That one task you put at the bottom of your to-do list for days, maybe even weeks, because you never want to do it. Well, today let's get that task done! Stop procrastinating and be more productive today with these tips!

How to Stop Procrastinating + Be More Productive

How to Stop Procrastinating + Be More Productive

Procrastination is something we all deal with, in our lives, whether it's on a day-to-day basis, or if you are lucky, you might only procrastinate once in a while.

I myself, procrastinate too! Just this morning, I was procrastinating cleaning my room, which is a weekly task I always do. I wasted some time scrolling on my laptop before I decided to just go do it. And guess what? It only took me fifteen minutes!

If I had done it right after I took photography for this post, then I wouldn't have wasted time on my laptop. But the point of this story is that I was procrastinating something that took only fifteen minutes! Because I procrastinated though, it took me around an hour instead because I was on my laptop before I went and did it.

In this post, I will dive into the reasons why people procrastinate, and what you can do to stop procrastinating so you can save time. Who doesn't want to have more free time?

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How to Stop Procrastinating + Be More Productive

The Reasons Why You Procrastinate

Why are you procrastinating? Before you can figure out how to stop procrastinating, you need to know why you are procrastinating.

1. You Don't Want to Do It

You are probably nodding your head right now. :) 

I know I am. One of the biggest reasons, why I procrastinate is because I simply don't want to do it. If I can put it off, then I will, because I can do it later. Right? I am sure we have all used that excuse.

All of the other reasons for procrastinating can probably be put under this because whatever excuses you make, it comes down to the fact that you probably just don't want to do it.

But, when you put this certain task off, it is constantly nagging you, so you can't enjoy whatever you are doing.

You need to figure out why you don't want to do it.

  • Do you not fully understand the task?
  • Is the task too time consuming/too big, maybe even intimidating? (cleaning and organizing your whole house)
  • Is the task too hard?
  • Do you just want to do something else because it is more fun?

Think about one thing you are procrastinating about right now, and try to decide why you are procrastinating doing it.

One thing I need to do is update old posts on this site that are no longer relevant. :) Here are the steps I have taken to not procrastinate on this task.

  1. I identified why I am procrastinating (The task is large and it is going to take a lot of work)
  2. I figured out how to make the task smaller and not as time-consuming (I decided to update each post one by one and not try to do it all at once, which would be impossible)
  3. I made a plan and I track my progress (I made a bullet journal layout so I can see how much I have left to do and I now update one of my old posts around once a week)

Do I still procrastinate on this task sometimes? Yes, I do, but this task doesn't have a due date on it and some weeks I am really busy so I don't actually have time to do it. If this task did have a due date, I would make a weekly schedule for it and make time for it in my routine. (For example, taking photos on Monday after breakfast, and rewriting the post after lunch.)

Now that we have identified the reason for procrastinating, we will break up the bulleted points above and create fixes for each one. If you have a reason for procrastinating that doesn't fall in the "I don't want to do it" category let me know in the comments below. :)

How to Stop Procrastinating + Be More Productive

Fixing Procrastination Problems

1. Not Fully Understanding the Task

If you don't know exactly what you are supposed to do, then of course you will procrastinate it! If it is a goal you set that isn't specific enough like "exercise more often" then you also might procrastinate it.

The task needs to be specific enough that you are clear on what you need to do. If it helps, make a list of the steps you need to do to complete the task.

2. The Task is Too Time-Consuming/Too Big

Make the task smaller. Easier said than done, I know. You might make a chart, and try to divide it up. This goes along with point number one. 

If you have a deadline, you could do a little each day (I do this), or you can try time-blocking (Doing the task for a set amount of time, and then taking a short break and coming back to it).

If it is something you do daily that you procrastinate, then you should work on incorporating it into your daily routine. For example, if you procrastinate exercising every day, you could do it first thing in the morning (even before you turn on your phone).

3. The Task is Too Hard

Are you using this as an excuse for procrastinating? This also ties back to the first two points. If the task is too hard, then you need to figure out what you are doing and make a plan.

If it is a habit you are trying to make that you are procrastinating, then you should make it easier, and see if you still procrastinate doing it. For example, if you want to do 25 pushups every morning. The first few days you do it, and then you start procrastinating because it takes too much time, etc, etc. Make it a little easier by doing 5-10 pushups and then build up from there once it is already a habit.

4. You Would Rather Do Something Else First

Distractions! They are everywhere. If you are procrastinating doing something simply because you want to do something else, then you need to remove the distraction.

For example, you need to do your homework, but you want to check notifications on your phone first. You aren't going to use any apps, you just need to check your notifications. Well, we all know what happens. Thirty minutes to an hour later, you realize how much time you have wasted.

So instead of even turning on your phone, you need to put your phone out of sight, put it on silent. Do whatever you have to, to remove the distraction.

How to Stop Procrastinating + Be More Productive

How to Stop Procrastinating + Be More Productive

So what can you do to stop procrastinating doing something? Write these down, so you can refer back to them later or make sure to pin this post. :)

  • Identify why you are procrastinating
  • Fully understand what you need to do
  • Make a plan
  • Divide up the task
  • Incorporate it into your schedule
  • Remove distractions

Sometimes all you need to do is just start the task! I know that most of the time when I decide to just start the task, I find out that it wasn't actually that bad, and I end up doing the whole thing in one sitting. The next time you are about to procrastinate something, try simply starting it, and then see how much you can get done.

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I hope this helps you stop procrastinating! If you have any questions or want some specific tips, leave a comment below and let me know!
Save this post for later, if you found it helpful. :)

How to Stop Procrastinating + Be More Productive

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