7 Outdated Style Rules that Should Be Broken

by - October 24, 2020

You probably came to this post because you are wondering if you follow these rules. I would be wondering too. Well, let me tell you, girl, these rules are outdated and there is no reason why you should follow them anymore! Breaking these rules can even take your outfit up a notch!

7 Outdated Style Rules that Should Be Broken

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Updated for 2024

All of the cliche rules on this list can and should be broken. When you do break these rules, you can create more outfits from the wardrobe you already have. Who doesn't want that?

Creating new outfits without having to buy more clothing? I'm in!

Are you with me? Okay, let's kick these cliche fashion rules to the curb once and for all!

I know you don't have time to waste, so let's get right into the fashion rules that are old and outdated.

7 Outdated Style Rules that Should be Broken

7 Outdated Style Rules that Should Be Broken

1. Denim on Denim

This is a rule I break all of the time. There is no reason why you shouldn't wear denim on denim. Wearing denim on denim is easy to dress up or down. This same outfit works with sneakers and high heels.

The only tip I would give you is to vary the colors and texture of the denim, so your outfit doesn't look too bland.

I am breaking another rule in the picture above too! Can you see what it is? You'll know in just a second. :)

The next time you don't know what to wear, just layer up some denim and you are good to go!

7 Outdated Style Rules that Should Be Broken

2. Wearing Navy + Black Together

Out of this whole list, this is the rule I break the most. Black and navy blue together is one of my favorite color combinations to wear. Wearing black and navy blue together also looks very classic and you can look put together without even having to try!

In a lot of the pictures on this post, I am wearing black and blue together. Plus this rule applies to wearing black and brown together too. You might as well go through your closet right now, and see how many new outfit combinations you can make. :)

7 Outdated Style Rules that Should Be Broken

3. Wearing White During the Winter

This rule makes absolutely no sense! The rule about wearing white after Labor Day is definitely one you can and should break especially if you are trying to get the most out of your wardrobe. So instead of putting your white jeans in the back of your closet for the winter, instead put them in the front so your outfit stands out from everyone elses' outfits.

It's not a bad idea, am I right? Because who wants to be dressed exactly like everyone else? Not me!

If you need some outfit ideas for wearing white jeans you can read How to Style White Jeans All Year Round for some outfit inspiration.

7 Outdated Style Rules that Should Be Broken

4. Wearing All Black

This one is trickier. Wearing all black can get a bad rap. So, what is the trick to making it look good?

Wear more dressy, formal pieces. For the outfit above, I wouldn't wear a black hoodie and black sneakers. Instead wearing black heels and a black blazer can make your outfit look quite effortlessly chic and put together.

Save wearing all black for when you are going for a more dressy, formal look unless you want to go with a thug look. And hey, I'm not judging! If you are going for an edgier look, then you can wear all black whatever you want. 😂

7 Outdated Style Rules that Should Be Broken

5. Mixing Prints

Done wrong, this can be a disaster but when done right, it can make your outfit look very pulled together. Easily mix prints, by matching the colors. Obviously, for the outfit above, it was very easy because I wore black and white stripes and polka dots. :)

You can also mix two pieces with the same print as in wearing smaller stripes and larger stripes together.

Another thing to note is that I wore monochrome colors except for my red shoes so that the outfit doesn't look too busy and over the top.

7 Outdated Style Rules that Should Be Broken

6. Matching Your Shoes with Your Bag

While matching your shoes with your bag is an easy way to make your outfit look put together, it doesn't have to be followed every single time.

I often match my shoes with my jacket or my shoes with my pants or even matching my shoes with nothing to make them stand out like for the outfit below. Sometimes it's good to make your shoes the centerpiece of your outfit. You know what I mean?

7 Outdated Style Rules that Should Be Broken

7. Wearing All Fitted Clothing + Wearing All Loose-Fitting Clothing

Some people say that you should never wear a fitted top with fitted bottoms or a loose top with loose bottoms, but you can pull it off as long as your top is not too tight, and your bottoms are not too tight and vice versa for wearing loose fitted clothing.

7 Fashion Rules You Should Break

There you have it! The seven fashion rules that I think should be broken. If you don't agree that these fashion rules should be broken, that's okay because this post is just my opinion! And if you do agree, I would love it, if you would share this post with a friend, or scroll down the comment section, and hit "recommend" or leave a comment. Thanks!

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Which one of these fashion rules are you going to break? Have a great week!
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7 Outdated Style Rules that Should Be Broken

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