How to Style White Jeans All Year Round

by - August 29, 2020
White jeans are often only worn in spring and summer, but they can definitely be worn all year round! Worn less than other colors of denim, white jeans can make your outfit look chic and feminine. With these tips, you can wear your jeans all year-round instead of only in spring and summer!

How to Style White Jeans All Year Round

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Finding a Pair of White Jeans that You Like

Before you hit "buy" on a pair of white jeans from your favorite store, you should think about these things, so you don't end up shoving them to the bottom of your drawer.

The jeans I am wearing in this post are the William Rast Perfect Skinny jeans in case you are wondering. I really like them and would recommend them!

The Fit

These jeans are white, so they need to fit very well. I do not recommend buying white jeans online because there are too many factors that you cannot check.

The waist on my William Rast Perfect Skinny jeans is a tiny bit big, but it is easily fixed with a belt so it's no problem.

The style you pick is totally up to you. Wide leg, skinny fit, regular. Just make sure that they fit well. Definitely do not wear white jeans that are a little bit too tight or just a little bit too small. It's not a good idea.

The Material

This is another reason why you should not buy white jeans online. If your jeans are see-through, you will not be able to wear them, and they will be a waste of your money.

If you are buying skinny jeans, test the material to see how much the material stretches. The material of my white skinny jeans is thicker than almost all of my other pairs of skinny jeans. This is important because then they aren't see-through.

So when you try on pairs of white jeans, walk around in them, try sitting down, and look at yourself in the mirror to make sure they are not see-through.

Because the material of white jeans should be thicker than other pairs of jeans, it makes them ideal for fall and winter as well as spring and summer. So, let's get onto the different ways you can style them!

Some of these looks are more casual and some of these looks are dressy, so you can get a good idea of how you can style white jeans.

How to Style White Jeans All Year Round

How to Style White Jeans in Spring

First of all, we will start with spring. Depending on where you live, it might be starting to warm up so you may not need a jacket.

Wearing pink with white jeans is one of my favorite ways to style white jeans because it gives your whole outfit a very chic and feminine look.

One major mistake to avoid when wearing white jeans is to wear dark-colored shoes that cover your ankles. For example, wearing black combat boots with white jeans will make your legs look shorter.

I tucked in my top to make it more fitted, added a belt, and then wore an oversized light pink denim jacket, to keep this outfit balanced. I am wearing darker colored shoes (they do not cover my ankles, so this is okay), a dark shirt and belt, but then to balance it I am wearing white jeans, and a light-colored jacket.

How to Style White Jeans All Year Round

How to Wear White Jeans in Summer

As you can see for this look, I went with all light colors except for the dark denim jacket, and I am wearing a black and white belt. I did cuff the bottom of my white jeans.

Pink and white is a great color combination for both spring and summer because it keeps your look light and airy.

How to Style White Jeans All Year Round

Since I am wearing skinny jeans, I did not wear a fitted top. If you pick to wear straight-leg jeans or even wide-leg jeans, then I would suggest wearing a fitted top.

Is it Okay to Wear All White?

Yes, I do not wear all white, but that is just my preference. I usually wear pastels with white during the summer, but wearing all white is okay.

As with any other outfit of all one color, you need to add some interest aka texture (lace, denim, etc). Do not wear white pants and a white shirt that both are of similar material.

Another way to wear a white top with white pants is to wear a top with a pattern on it. Scroll down to the winter look, if you want to see how I did this.

How to Style White Jeans All Year Round

Here is another look you can do for summer, that does not involve pastels. This look is also dressier, but you could easily make it casual by wearing sandals or sneakers.

White jeans can certainly be styled dressy as well as casual. I think this outfit would be perfect for a Fourth of July party.

How to Style White Jeans All Year Round

High heels and skinny jeans are always a good combination. Am I right?

Wearing white skinny jeans with red heels makes my heels stand out. Wearing black skinny jeans would give this outfit an entirely different look, even though my heels would still stand out.

How to Style White Jeans All Year Round

How to Wear White Jeans in Fall + Winter

Now we are onto fall and winter. How do you wear white jeans then?

If it is cool enough where you live, you can wear a sweater. For this outfit, I wore white jeans (of course), with rose-pink flats and a matching rose pink sweater top. It is a very easy and casual look that can be worn in both fall and winter.

How to Style White Jeans All Year Round

For winter, you could try out a monochromatic dressy look. My top is a black and white striped tee, and I wore it with white skinny jeans (of course), a black belt, black blazer, and black heels.

Depending on the weather where you live, sandals may not work, but black pumps or flats will work as well.

During the winter, boots are seen as a wardrobe staple. But remember you don't want to wear dark-colored boots with white jeans as this will make your legs look shorter. Instead, you can go for beige boots or really boots of any light color.

You could also make this outfit casual by wearing a different jacket.

How to Style White Jeans All Year Round

The Do's + Don'ts of Wearing White Jeans

  • Try them on in the store before buying
  • Buy white jeans that are a thicker material
  • Wear pastels and dark colors with them
  • Wear denim on denim (chambray top with white jeans, a denim jacket with white jeans)
  • Wear them all year round :)

  • Wear dark-colored shoes that cover your ankles
  • Wear a white top and white jeans of the same or similar material
  • Wear white jeans that are thin or see-through
  • Wear white jeans that are just a little bit too small or too tight

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I hope this post gave you some tips and outfit ideas that you can use to wear your white jeans all year round!
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How to Style White Jeans All Year Round

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