4 Ways to Casually Style a Blazer

by - June 27, 2020
Blazers are a great wardrobe staple and they don't need to be just for the office either. You can wear a blazer from Monday to Sunday and dress it up or down to suit almost every occasion. Are you ready to start wearing your blazers for more than just work? Here are four ways you can style your blazers from dressy casual to totally casual!

4 Ways to Casually Style a Blazer

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The Blazer I am Wearing

The blazer I am wearing in all of these photos is the Classic Ponte-Knit Blazer from Old Navy. (If you read my blog often, then you know that I shop at Old Navy all of the time! :) ) It is super affordable at under $50 dollars so if you are looking for a new blazer, then this one is a really good option.

The material of this blazer is smooth and slightly stretchy, which makes it very comfortable, and easy to move around in. I especially love the seams going up the front of this blazer because it makes it look more polished and it makes the blazer a little bit more fitted.

One thing to keep in mind, if you are thinking about purchasing this blazer, is that the pockets in the front are not real. It isn't a downside for me though, because I don't carry things in my pockets anyway. If you do carry things around with you, you can use a wristlet or a small handbag.

4 Ways to Casually Style a Blazer

Even though this is a formal classic fitted (Pretty much all of the blazers I have seen styled casually have been unfitted) blazer, it can still be styled casually with these tips. So if you have any classic fitted blazers in your closet, then now is the time to pull them out and start styling them casually!

We will start with more dressy casual looks and then go onto really casual looks. Each look also has a few tips you can use to make the outfit more dressy or casual. :)

4 Ways to Casually Style a Blazer

4 Ways to Casually Style a Blazer

1. Blazer + Dress Pants + Ankle Boots + Basic Tee + Jewelry

If you want to style a blazer casually, a basic tee is always a good place to start. To make this outfit more dressy, I added a silver necklace and paperbag pants (Click this link to read my guide on how to style paperbag pants.).

Ankle boots are always a go-to option for me, but if you want to make this outfit more dressy, then you could switch them out for high heels.

4 Ways to Casually Style a Blazer

To make this outfit more casual, you can remove the jewelry and swap out the paperbag pants (The ones I am wearing in these photos are really comfortable and easy to style!) for more casual pants.

4 Ways to Casually Style a Blazer

2. Blazer + Dress + Heels

This outfit might be just a little bit more dressy than the one before, but you can easily make it more casual by opting for flats or sandals instead of heels. I recommend wearing a dress that is fitted on top.

The key to making this outfit casual is to wear a casual dress. If you wear a formal dress, then this outfit ends up looking very formal, but if you wear it with a casual dress, then it can work for work and for anything you have going on afterward too. :)

4 Ways to Casually Style a Blazer

To make this outfit more casual, you can push up the sleeves so they are three-fourth length and you can wear sandals, flats, or even sneakers.

On the other hand, to make this outfit more dressy, you could add some jewelry and a handbag. Wearing a dress with a blazer is an easy way to throw together an outfit at the last minute. Whether it is a casual or a formal event, no one will know that you were rushed for time!

4 Ways to Casually Style a Blazer

3. Blazer + Skinny Jeans + Basic Tee + Belt + Ballet Flats

Now it is time for the more casual outfits! This is another outfit that is dressy casual so you might be able to wear it to work. At least for casual Friday, am I right?!?

But if not, you can easily make this outfit more dressy by wearing it with straight-leg jeans, jewelry, and heels. Wearing this outfit with a button-up shirt will also make it more dressy, even if you leave your shirt untucked. A blouse is another option if you want to make your outfit more dressy.

4 Ways to Casually Style a Blazer

To make this outfit more casual, you can take the belt off, untuck your shirt, and throw on some sneakers. :)

Now you can look polished while wearing your favorite jeans and a tee. What's not to love?

4 Ways to Casually Style a Blazer

4. Blazer + Ribbed Tee + Skinny Jeans + Sneakers + Sunglasses

And for the last look, which is the most casual, you can throw on some sunglasses and push up your sleeves.

I cuffed my jeans too, to make it more casual, but if you want to be daring, you might even wear shorts. (I am not a fan of that look though, which is why I kept with skinny jeans.)

4 Ways to Casually Style a Blazer

I picked to wear a ribbed tee because it looks more casual than other types of tees. A graphic tee or a bodysuit are other options to consider.

For shoes, you could wear heels with this outfit and still make it look casual like I did in the outfit on my about me page by wearing it with casual pants.

4 Ways to Casually Style a Blazer

Tips For Casually Styling a Blazer

To finish up this post, here are some tips you can use to style your blazer casually. A simple way to make your blazer instantly more casual is to push up the sleeves, like in the photo above.

1. The Top

When you wear a tee with your outfit, it might still be dressy enough to wear for work, but if you just want to wear a blazer for every day, then any casual top will work.

If you are wearing a button-up shirt, you can leave it untucked to make your outfit more casual and you can leave your top button undone.

2. Pants

Jeans always look great with blazers, in my opinion, so if you can't decide what pants to wear, then pull out a pair of your favorite jeans. If my top is fitted, then I will go with more-relaxed pants and if my top is not fitted, then I will wear skinny-fit pants.

I always like to keep my outfit classic by not wearing distressed holey jeans, but some people do wear distressed jeans with blazers.

4 Ways to Casually Style a Blazer

3. Shoes

The options for shoes are endless. I just wouldn't recommend wearing cheap-looking shoes like flip-flops.

4. Accessories

When styling a blazer casually less is more. Sunglasses are always a favorite of mine. I wouldn't wear a lot of jewelry or else it ends up looking formal. Just keep your accessories minimal and you will be good to go!

4 Ways to Casually Style a Blazer

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4 Ways to Casually Style a Blazer

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