How to Style Paperbag Pants

by - March 28, 2020
It is officially spring! Spring is one of my favorite times of the year because the weather becomes warmer, and the flowers are blooming. There is only one problem... you can't wear some of your warmer winter pieces anymore. It is time to make way for some fun spring-inspired clothing and so today, I just had to highlight these cute paperbag pants I bought off Amazon for under $30 and some ways you can style your paperbag pants!

How to Style Paperbag Pants

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Updated for 2024

Paperbag pants are super cute for spring! They can be dressed up or down and that tie waist detail is so chic. They are really comfortable too!

Before we get on to the styling tips, I wanted to highlight the pair I bought off of Amazon because I honestly really like them, and if you are looking to buy some paperbag pants, then you should totally look into buying these too. I get compliments on these pants almost every time I wear them!

Details About the Freeprance Paperbag Pants

I bought these pants a while ago, and I love them. They are super comfortable. They are pink! (This is definitely a huge bonus! 😊) They have large pockets. They are high-waisted too, which I really like.

First off, the price. I bought these pants for under $30 (2024 update - they are now $40). These pants have over 1000 ratings, and they get 4.3 out of 5 stars.

They are really comfortable. The waist is elastic, and the belt does come off, so you can wear it without the belt too. The great thing about this though, is that the waist is entirely adjustable. Most paperbag pants are high-waisted, and these pants are no exception! They have a relaxed straight leg fit, which pairs great with the high-waisted paperbag top of the pants.

They have large pockets, but I wouldn't really recommend putting anything in them because the material is kind of thin (On the light pink ones at least). I wouldn't recommend putting anything in any of your pant pockets anyway though because it will ruin the polished look of any of your pants.

Overall, I really like these pants and they made the perfect addition to my closet! I may need to buy another pair. :)

How to Style Paperbag Pants

How to Style Paperbag Pants

You might be scared to try out styling paperbag pants because they definitely look different from other types of pants, but once you know these styling tricks, you will be able to wear paperbag pants with confidence. :)

The great thing about paperbag pants is that they can be styled up or down, but no matter which way you style them, they always look polished and chic.

Wearing Your Pants

The paperbag pants themselves can be worn in multiple ways. My personal favorite way, which is also the most popular way, is to tie it in a bow in the center, but you can wear them lots of ways. These are all of the different ways I have thought of.

  • Tied in a bow in the center
  • Knotted in the center
  • Knotted on the side
  • Without a belt
  • With a different belt
How you pick to wear your pants is totally up to you and should depend on what effect you are going for. For example, if the shirt you are wearing has bows on the sleeves or on the top in any way, then you might wear it without a belt, or with a different belt that does not tie in the front.

How to Style Paperbag Pants

Choosing a Top

Next, you need to pick out a top to wear. Because the paperbag pants have a slightly flared out top, you will want to wear them with a shirt that is more fitted. I would also recommend wearing a simple top. The pants already have a belt, and the paperbag flared top so you don't want to wear something really busy.

This is where you really decide whether you want a dressy or a casual outfit. You could pick to wear with a simple striped tee (I love this look!) or a button-up shirt, which also looks nice too.

The most important thing to remember when wearing paperbag pants is that you need to tuck your shirt in if it is long enough. If you don't, then it will add a lot of material to your waist and it will ruin your silhouette.

Next up, it is time to add some shoes to your outfit.

How to Style Paperbag Pants

Picking the Right Shoes

While paperbag pants can be dressed up or down, in my opinion, they look best with dressy shoes. Below are all of the shoe styles I would pair paperbag pants with.

  • High Heels
  • Ankle Boots
  • Flats
  • Dressy Sandals

My favorite way to wear paperbag pants is with ankle boots. I haven't had a chance to wear paperbag pants with heels yet, but I love the look. I would stay away from wearing paperbag pants with the following shoes.

  • Knee-High Boots - Knee-high boots are best worn with more fitted pants and paperbag pants usually have a more relaxed style.
  • Sneakers + Tennis Shoes - Paperbag pants are dressy, and while they can be worn more casually, tennis shoes especially are extremely casual, so it's just something to stay away from.
  • Casual Sandals + Cheap Looking Shoes - This just goes along with all of the other points I have already made.

Okay, so now that you have an idea of what shoes you are going to wear, it is time to talk about accessories and then outerwear.

How to Style Paperbag Pants


Accessories, accessories, accessories. There is a lot to choose from! When I wear paperbag pants, I like them to be the focus of my outfit, so I pick accessories that don't compete with them.

Other than that, you can pick whatever accessories you want! For the outfit above, I added this mini backpack, which also has a bow on the front, so it matches the pants. I would wear any fitted shirt for the outfit above as long as it is not black. Then I added dot sunglasses that match the ankle boots because of the small studs on the sides. To finish this outfit, I added the black beret.


For outerwear, you definitely want to pick something that won't cover up the bow in the front. So ideally something that is open in the front. If it isn't open in the front, then you could go with a top that is cropped short enough to not cover the bow.

I think paperbag pants look best without outerwear, so it makes them pretty much perfect for spring! Not too warm and not too cool. They are just right! :)

Overall Thoughts on Paperbag Pants

I really like paperbag pants! They are not that hard to style, and they look really chic without taking a lot of time or effort to style.

As long as you remember to wear a more fitted top and to tuck your shirt in, then you are good to go!

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How to Style Paperbag Pants

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