Essential Shoe Styles for Every Closet

by - November 09, 2019
Do you sometimes wonder how many shoes you should have? Do you have twenty-five pairs of shoes in your closet, when you only wear five regularly? Maybe it is time for you to figure out how many pairs of shoes you actually need. This post will tell you the main shoes you should have in your closet and then you can decide for yourself which of the other pairs of shoes in your closet you actually need.

Essential Shoe Styles for Every Closet

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I know how easy it is to want more cute shoes. Should you buy red flats or pink flats? You add both to your cart. Well, some of your outfits will only look cute with the red flats and some will only look cute with the pink flats so you may as well just buy both. Does this sound like you?

Let's get right into the post. These are just my opinions of what shoes are the most important, and so if you love a certain type of shoe and it is not on this list, then add a comment and let me know what type of shoe style is your favorite.

Essential Shoe Styles for Every Closet

These shoes are listed randomly! My casual sneakers are not more important than my high heels. :)

When thinking about what shoes to buy it all comes down to your lifestyle so don't think that you need to buy a pair of ankle boots if you are absolutely certain you will never wear them.

These are just general shoe styles. I am not going to say "buy this certain shoe" or "buy those shoes" because that is not super helpful. What if those shoes aren't sold anymore or if you aren't a fan of the shoe style or color. I think that this list of shoes will help you have more of a variety in your shoe closet. How many of these shoe styles do you already have in your closet?

Essential Shoe Styles for Every Closet

1. Casual Sneakers

Casual sneakers are so important! I wear mine three to four times a week and they are super comfortable. Sneakers come in so many styles that you are sure to find a pair (or two!) that you like. White is always a good choice because it matches with everything even though they do get dirty quickly.

The shoes in the picture above are my white Converse and they have lasted for around three years now and they are not too dirty, so I am pretty happy about that. :)

Casual sneakers are great to have in your closet because you can just throw them on and go wherever you need to.

Essential Shoe Styles for Every Closet

2. Sandals

Sandals are always a good idea to have. When you are going to the pool, you won't want to ruin another pair of your shoes. I don't wear my sandals regularly, but it is all up to you how much you like to wear sandals.

The pair in the picture cost around ten dollars! You can buy a chic pair of sandals for cheap and then you will have something to wear to the pool and to the beach. :)

Essential Shoe Styles for Every Closet

3. Boots

What can I say? I had to add boots to this list! You can dress up or down any pair of boots so that they are suitable for almost anything. While it is up to you how many pairs of boots you buy, I would recommend that you don't buy too many in the same style. Do you really need five pairs of ankle boots?

The ankle boots in the picture above have lasted for a long time. (I got them a little bit after my Converse in case you are wondering.) I love wearing them because they dress up every outfit I wear.

Something else you can do is have one pair of dressier boots and one pair of more casual boots. I also have a pair of combat boots that are my more casual boots.

Essential Shoe Styles for Every Closet

4. Flats

Flats are great because you can wear them for every day and for dressy occasions. They are a classic wardrobe staple and I think they are super chic. :)

Flats can be worn for school, to the office, grocery shopping, and the list goes on. They make your outfit a little bit dressier so if you want to take your outfit up a notch, then just slip on a pair.

Plus, did I mention how many styles flats come in? You can buy flats in so many colors and styles so just pick a design you like and buy them. Make sure they are comfortable though. You don't want to buy a pair of flats that make your heels hurt.

Flats are also relatively cheap so you can buy a pair without breaking the bank. 

Essential Shoe Styles for Every Closet

5. Heels

Last but not least on this list is a pair of heels. High heels are perfect for dressy occasions, and they make you a little bit taller too. They come in many styles, and you can pick the heel height and type and how comfortable they are. Comfortability (Is that even a word?) is a big factor in which shoes you should buy!

Plus look at how cute the box is for the pair of heels I bought. (This should not factor into which pair of shoes you should buy.) :)

But you still have to admit that the box is pretty cute!

The temperature you live in should also play into what pair of shoes you buy. If you live somewhere where it is cold almost the entire year, then a pair of sandals are not going to be a good idea.

Essential Shoe Styles for Every Closet

Essential Shoe Styles for Every Closet

So which shoe styles are you favorite? Do you love wearing boots and heels or are you more of a sneaker and sandal type of person?

Either way, it is always good to have something perfect for every occasion. If you only wear sandals, then buy a pair of high heeled sandals for your high heels. You can do the same for boots too.

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Essential Shoe Styles for Every Closet

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