New Wardrobe Addition: Chic Beret

by - November 30, 2019
I am excited about my newest wardrobe addition! With winter coming up, I need something to cover my head, and while I could wear a jacket with a hood, I wanted something to pair with my peacoat. :)

New Wardrobe Addition: Chic Beret

And so I bought a beret. I love how it looks. I already thought of a few different pieces I want to wear it with. I think that this beret would look cute with...

  • Boots (Lace-up, Ankle, Knee High)
  • Casual Dresses
  • Dressier Coats (Jean Jacket, Peacoat, Trench Coat)
  • Ballet Flats

These are a few of the items in my wardrobe I am thinking about wearing my new beret with. I also think a side braid or curled hair would look super chic with a beret.

New Wardrobe Addition: Chic Beret

About the Beret

I had to look for a long time to find this beret. I knew I wanted to find a beret on Amazon so that narrowed down the search a little bit. There are a lot of berets on Amazon though and they all got mixed reviews.

One day, I was reading a blog post and there was a link to a similar beret that the blogger was wearing so I clicked through and it was the beret which I ended up buying. At the time I clicked through it only had four and five-star reviews, but now it has some lower ones.

It can be bought for under fifteen dollars which I think is a pretty good deal for a hat. I am not sure whether it is 100% wool or not because it just says the composition is wool so the beret might have some other type of fiber in it too.

New Wardrobe Addition: Chic Beret

The hat fits well and will not fall off my head, but it isn't too tight either, which makes me happy. A hat that is too tight will make your head hurt every time you wear it!

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Overall I am happy with my purchase and I am excited to style it with my peacoat. Do you own a beret? How do you like styling it? :)
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New Wardrobe Addition: Chic Beret

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