How to Easily Define Your Personal Style

by - June 01, 2019
What comes to your mind when I say, "Personal Style"?

How to Easily Define Your Personal Style

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What did you think of?

The colors you wear, the words you would use to describe how you dress, or just your everyday personality.

Did any of those come to your mind?

If they didn't, don't worry because that is what we are going to talk about today. Exactly how to define your personal style in just minutes.

How to Easily Define Your Personal Style

To decide how to find your personal style, we are going to go through a set formula and you can answer each of the questions/think about what is being told, and then pick which describing words define your personal style.

Okay. Let's get started. :)

First, we need to define personal style, so we know what we are trying to define.

Personal style is the way we do things. It is the characteristics that we have. It is what makes me, me and you, you.

You might want to read what is above again to make sure that you remember it.

Now I would suggest opening up a new document on your computer, grabbing out your planner, or finding a piece of blank paper that you can write on.

Think about the characteristics which describe yourself. Below are a few that you can add to the list if you feel like they are some of the characteristics that you have.

  • Dressy/Formal - Likes to be dressed up
  • Casual/Sporty - Prefers casual events and athletic wear
  • Fun/Playful - Likes florals and fun prints
  • Chic/Fashionable - Likes feeling put together
  • Bold/Bright - Loves bright colors and bold looks
  • Classic - Wears classic items
  • Modern - Likes wearing what is on-trend or new
Add as many characteristics as possible you can think of that apply to you and type them or write them down on your blank sheet of paper. 

Pulling out a Thesaurus might help you too. :)

Think about the characteristics for a few minutes, and then add a few more or take away a few. You may split casual/sporty in two also because maybe you like dressing casually, but don't like to think of your style as sporty. That is perfectly fine to do.

When deciding on how you define your personal style, think about what you like to wear. Would you rather wear the hoodie, a blazer, a cardigan, or a trench coat?

Would you rather wear heels, flats, sandals, or ankle boots?

Do you like wearing dresses or leggings?

When you go shopping at the mall which draws you in first? The bright colored blouses or the pastel floral skirts.

Think about what you wear and what colors you prefer to wear too.

Now create a Pinterest board called "Style Personality" or a variation like "Wardrobe Inspiration" and start pinning outfit ideas to it.

This will help you to know what colors you like and what outfit styles you like to. Did you pin the athlete wearing new tennis shoes, the woman coming home from work in a blazer and heels, or the mom taking her kids to the park?

Now stick your style characteristics into a sentence that you will easily be able to remember.

For example, I would describe my style as chic and classic with a modern twist.

Yours might be...My style is casual but modern with a bold look. Or you may be modern, chic, and dressy. How about casual, playful, and bright?

Pick three to four characteristics to stick into your sentence because you don't want to overload your style with adjectives that make it hard for you to pick out a new piece to go in your wardrobe.

How to Easily Define Your Personal Style

Remember that your style will change with time so it might be a good idea to revisit this post every year to reevaluate your style personality.

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Have any questions?

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Tell me what you came up with. What is your personal style?
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How to Easily Define Your Personal Style

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