8 Drastic Capsule Wardrobe Mistakes You Might be Making

by - November 03, 2018
Having a capsule wardrobe is a big subject. Everyone has their own take on it.

Capsule Wardrobe Mistakes You Might be Making

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8 Drastic Capsule Wardrobe Mistakes You Might be Making

"You need 30 pieces in your wardrobe, any more than that and it isn't a Capsule Wardrobe," says one blogger, while another blogger says, "You need at least 40 pieces in your wardrobe.

Which person do you follow?

That is just it. Every capsule wardrobe is different, but there are a few common mistakes that almost everyone makes.

1. Having too Many Clothes Items

If you are feeling overwhelmed when you open your closet doors, then that is a good clue that you might have too much clothing.

A capsule wardrobe is designed to cut back on the amount of excess clothing you have in your wardrobe, but if you just keep on buying new things, then this might be a problem.

The Fix - When you go to a clothing store, have a list of what you need. It doesn't have to be super-specific. A good example would be "black jeans" or "white tee". 

That way when you go into a store and you are about to try on something that you don't really need, you can look at your list and get back on track.

Or, if you feel like you would still go off and buy something else, then look online, before you go into the store to try it on. Write down exactly what the item you are going to try on is called. 

That way when you go into the store, you know exactly what you are going to buy, and so you just have to look for the brand and your size.

2. Having not Enough Clothes

This could go the other way too. Maybe you never see anything, which you like and so you have hardly anything in your capsule wardrobe.

The Fix - I could sum this up in two words. Buy more! But I know that some people out there probably need more help than just that. I would suggest shopping online before going into the store because you can find more clothes online.

3. Having too Many Colors in Your Wardrobe

If when you open up your wardrobe doors, and it looks like a rainbow, then you might be doing something wrong. If you have too many colors in your wardrobe, then it will be harder to figure out what outfit you want to wear.

In my wardrobe pretty much, everything matches together, and I definitely don't have a rainbow array of clothes. You won't see orange or yellow in my wardrobe. That is for sure! :)

The Fix - Find your colors. If you need some help with this, then you should read Capsule Wardrobe 101 + a List of Must-Haves.

4. Wearing All of the Same Color

Do you find yourself wearing the same color over and over again? This might be a problem if you only wear one color all of the time.

The Fix - Incorporate some colors into your wardrobe.

5. Just Buying Trends

If you are just buying trends, then you probably don't like your wardrobe very much. Once the trend goes out of style, suddenly you feel like you can't wear those items anymore and then all of the money you spent on those trendy pieces goes to waste.

The Fix - Don't buy trendy pieces. Before you buy something, ask yourself if you are going to be able to keep wearing that item for a long time.

6. Your Wardrobe Doesn't Fit Your Lifestyle

If your wardrobe isn't geared towards your lifestyle, then you are going to have problems in the long run. Imagine having a bunch of work suits and nice blazers in your wardrobe, when in reality you work from home and like to be comfy 24/7.

The Fix - Follow your lifestyle! Make sure you plan for your lifestyle. If you work 6 days of the week, then you probably want more outfits for work than for casual, comfy days.

7. Buying Poor Quality Clothes

You buy poor quality clothes, which don't last, so you have to keep buying more clothes. You lose more money in the long run. Does this sound like you?

The Fix - Invest in items that cost a little bit more but will last longer. My advice is that when you are shopping online, only consider buying items that have at least 50 reviews and have four stars or more.

8. Not Wearing Your Wardrobe

Some people actually don't wear their capsule wardrobe. Maybe you do this too. Do you have some clothes in your wardrobe, which you know you should get rid of because they aren't in your colors, but you don't because you like to wear it (or them!)?

The Fix - Only wear your un-capsule cardrobe when you are staying at home or need something comfy to wear. If you feel like you can get rid of it, then find something like it, that you can replace it with.

8 Drastic Capsule Wardrobe Mistakes You Might be Making

To recap, if you make any of these mistakes, then follow "The Fix" guidelines to fix what you are doing wrong. If you have any questions feel free to write a comment or to contact me for more help.

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Capsule Wardrobe Mistakes You Might be Making

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