My First Bullet Journal Flip-Through Part 2

by - May 05, 2018
This blog post is one in a two-part series. You can view the first one here.

Bullet Journal Flip-Through Part 2

If you want to know what bullet journaling is you can look here. 

This is the second part of my first bullet journal setup.

I mentioned in the last post that these were some of my favorite spreads and that is because these are my trackers and collections.

Workout Log
This layout is super helpful because it helps motivate me to work out. (I started this page at the end of March which is why January and February are blank.)

Bullet Journal Flip-Through Part 2

A Year of Healthy Challenges
This year I wanted to reach my goals and be healthier. So I made this year of healthy challenges layout. The original design can be found at Petite Planner. The healthy challenges I picked to do are...

  • No treats
  • Vivofit weekly intensity minutes
  • 6 cups water daily
  • fruit for breakfast and lunch
  • splits everyday
  • 30 minutes outside
  • flax everyday
  • veggies with every dinner
  • run 30 miles
  • yoga everyday
  • 40 squats daily
  • 25 pushups every day

How it works is every month you add a mini calendar above or below the challenge. Every day you do it, you color in a square. At the end of the month, you tally up how many days you did it and write that in the mini-box next to the month.

Find a mini-calendar stamp here or in sticker format here.

Bullet Journal Flip-Through Part 2

Gratitude Log
Here you write things you are grateful for and things that make you happy. In the center, it says, "Some days you just have to create your own sunshine."

Bullet Journal Flip-Through Part 2

2018 Memories

I love how this page looks. For each memory I have I draw a small picture and write the words I want to remember.

Books to Read and Wishlist
These two are pretty self-explanatory. I write down books I want to read and the items I want.

Bullet Journal Flip-Through Part 2

Level 10 Life and Level 10 Goals
I love how colorful this page is! To make this layout start by assessing 10 different areas of your life.

  • family and friends
  • work and education
  • finance
  • service
  • health and fitness
  • physical environment
  • personal development
  • fun and recreation
  • Business
  • Spirituality
You evaluate each area of your life on a scale of one to ten, then on the other page, you write goals that will help you to improve that area of your life.

Bullet Journal Flip-Through Part 2

Blog Post Ideas and Blog Goals
These two pages I designed on my own. The first one is blog post ideas. I just write down any ideas that come into my head that I could write about. The second page is my blog goals. Help me to reach them!

  • 5000 pageviews
  • 15 products sold
  • 1000 products made
They aren't big numbers but I would be so grateful if you help me to reach them.

Bullet Journal Flip-Through Part 2

Morning Routine and A Year In Pixels
On the morning routines page, you write down your different morning routines to help keep you on track. A year in pixels is literally a mood tracker. You color in each square with a different color depending on how you feel.

Bullet Journal Flip-Through Part 2

Capsule Wardrobe
My capsule wardrobe page is divided into different sections with images under each section. The first section shows the colors I have in my wardrobe. The second one is tops. The next one is bottoms. After that is dresses and the next one is shoes. The last section doesn't have any images and is a list of all the accessories I have.

Business Yearly Schedule
This layout has 52 squares. One for each week in the year. Every week I write down what I want to accomplish on my blog that week. On each side of the calendar, I have blog and shop statistics. Anything important or big I write in red.

Bullet Journal Flip-Through Part 2

Future Log
On my future log, I write down the dates that I need to remember.

Don't have time to draw your own? Find one here.

Bullet Journal Flip-Through Part 2

After that, I have all of my weekly spreads and monthly layouts. Making my bullet journal and finding inspiration was really fun. Of course, I looked on Pinterest.

I hope you found some inspiration for your bullet journal! 

Which of these layouts are you going to use?

Happy Journaling!


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Bullet Journal Flip-Through Part 2

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