Your Total Guide to Summer Success

by - May 26, 2018

Summer is right around the corner and if you want to succeed and reach your goals you need to read this post.

Your Total Guide to Summer Success

Follow these steps.

Let's jump right in before summer is over.

1. Drink lots of water During the summer it is hot and if you don't drink enough water, you will have a headache or you will feel tired. Kick-off your summer by drinking more water!

I recommend 6 to 8 of water a day. But if you don't drink very much water a day then gradually add a little more water to your bottle each day.

2. Exercise regularly Everyday works best! If you don't have enough time though, you can exercise three to four times a week.

3. Use your bullet journal How are you going to have success if you don't have goals? A bullet journal works best but a planner will work too.

Start each day by opening up your bullet journal and setting your daily goals after that fill in your trackers and update your calendars.

4. Clean your house If your house is dirty how are you going to be successful? If you have a dirty house you are probably not going to be able to find anything and you are going to be late to appointments you have.

  • Right after breakfast put your dirty dishes in the sink.
  • Make sure your doorway is clear and your shoes are in the designated place. Hopefully not strewn around the entryway.
  • Clean off your table or counter.
These cleaning tips should give you a start.

5. Turn off the TV Turn off the TV and doing something else will help you have a more successful day. When you turn the TV on to watch for just half an hour that usually turns into watching TV for two hours or more. You can't get anything done if you are sitting on the sofa watching TV.

Tip: Set a timer for 30 minutes. Make sure it is not within reaching distance! When the alarm goes off, you have to get up and turn off the timer and that means it is time for the TV to be turned off too!

6. Spend some time outside Enjoy the summer air. Go swimming or on a walk. Spend at least 30 minutes outside daily. 

7. Eat healthier Start your morning by having some fresh fruit. For lunch have vegetables, for snacks have fruit, and finish up your day by having more veggies! 

Stop eating junk food. The best way to do this is to limit yourself. Eat what you regularly eat the first day. The second day let yourself eat one less junk food item. Keep eliminating one junk food item a day until you are eating no junk food. Then make sure you don't buy anymore! 

Once the junk food is used up, it is gone and that is final! Use this type of thinking and you will want to save your junk food and that will stop you from eating it.

8. Have fun If you schedule out your entire day, you will quickly get bored (or at least I do), and you will not achieve your goals. The best way to not get bored is to do something fun each day.

Remember to grab the free checklist here.

Follow these steps and have fun!!!

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Your Total Guide to Summer Success

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