Plan With Me October Bullet Journal Layouts

by - October 05, 2019
This month's theme is inspired by fall! I hope that you enjoy these layouts. At first, I was going to do a blue theme, but then I decided that I wanted to do a fall/slightly Halloween layout. As always, I like to think of my layouts as on the minimalist side, even though I use hand lettering and more than one color.

Plan With Me October Bullet Journal Layouts

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Updated for 2024

For this month's theme, I decided to keep it like the one I did last month. If you want to read last month's plan with me post, you can read it here. Last month, I said that I would say how well it worked for me, so here goes.

Plan With Me October Bullet Journal Layouts

I really liked how I set it up, so I am going to keep on using this same sort of set up until it stops working for me, I get bored with it, or I decide to add something new to it.

I am going to try not to get bored with this set up too quickly, by changing up the style each month to more or less match the holidays in that month.

Bullet Journal Supplies Used

I used the same supplies as last month, except for the small stencil which I didn't use, so I will just copy and paste the supplies list from last month.

  • A Black Sharpie Pen - I use my sharpie pen for almost everything in my planner. If you see anything in black, it was probably done with my handy black sharpie pen, unless it is calligraphy or hand lettering. :)
  • A Yellow Crayola Super Tip Marker - I bought the Crayola Super Tip 50-pack recently, and I love them! I use them for pretty much all of my spreads because they can be used for practically everything with their special tip that can be used to draw thick and thin lines. I don't know what color this marker is because they don't say on the side, which is a minus for some people, but it doesn't really bother me. You can read my full review of these markers here.
  • A White Gel Pen - White gel pens are super handy to have. They can be used to white out small mistakes. Even though they don't entirely white out the mistake on some colors, (Like darker colors) they still make it less noticeable.
  • A Mechanical Pencil - I actually draw out most of my layout in pencil before I use pen because it eliminates most of the mistakes I would make and then I can decide if I like how the page looks before I draw it in with pens and markers. This does take longer though so if you don't make many mistakes or large mistakes, then you can save time by drawing it out in pen.
  • Tombow Pen - I use my Tombow pens (I have two. One with a soft tip and one with a hard tip) for any calligraphy you see done in a black pen.
  • A Ruler - Now this technically isn't a ruler because it is really just a small strip of laminated cardstock, but it can be used to draw lines, and I don't need markings on it because I use dotted pages. I like using it because it is flat, and thin so it is easy to store. Plus, it has a pink watercolor pattern on it, so it is cute!
Plan With Me October Bullet Journal Layouts

Bullet Journal Monthly Layout Cover Page

For this cover page, I started by counting up from the bottom, to make room for me to write ten goals. Then I added the yellow stripe with a Crayola Super Tip and wrote goals in cursive on top with my black Sharpie pen.

Then I wrote October where I wanted it on the page with the same pens as used above. After that, I drew in the pumpkins and outlined them in black.

As I explained in my last plan with me monthly post, I always start by making the monthly calendar page first, so I can figure out what decorations I want to use on both of the other pages. This might be something you want to try!

Plan With Me October Bullet Journal Layouts

Bullet Journal Monthly Calendar Layout

For this page, I wanted to try out something new, by using a white gel pen on top of black Crayola Super Tip for the days of the week. The white isn't exactly white it is more of a gray, but it isn't hard to read.

Can you see where I made a mistake on this page and then covered it up with a white gel pen?

I liked having the weekend column, so I can have an even number of columns on both sides. I added a pumpkin at the bottom and a quote about progress because that is my word of the month. The boxes I made smaller this month so I could have some space in between the boxes.

Plan With Me October Bullet Journal Layouts

Bullet Journal Tracker + Next Month Layout

For this page, I have my habit tracker on the left. My gratitude log with my word of the month "progress" on the right.

Every day, I can add a dot for my habits. Then I move to the other side and write down one thing I am grateful for. I am trying to be more grateful this year. :)

I am also thinking of a new way to track which habits I still need to add to my habit tracker and which ones I can stop tracking because I have formed it into a habit. When I make this page, I will probably do a post on it.

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Plan With Me October Bullet Journal Layouts

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