Having Trouble Reaching Your Goals? Here's Why

by - September 18, 2021

 We are in quarter four of the year again, and the beginning of a new year is right around the bend. You might think back to the beginning of the year, and remember those goals you set at the beginning of the year. You might think of your goals with dread, or you might think of your goals with a sense of accomplishment. Maybe your goals didn't get past day three of the year. That's okay because you can try again this year!

Having Trouble Reaching Your Goals? Here's Why

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You might not even be planning on setting any goals for next year. But... before you throw your hands up in despair and decide to QUIT goal setting, I have some news for you.

It's not you.

There is nothing wrong with you. You are simply setting your goals in the wrong way. You are setting yourself up for failure, not success. And in the off chance, that you did set yourself up for success, and you still failed, I hate to break it to you, but it might be you... or maybe you just need to try a different goal-setting method.

Well, we won't get into it. Let's move on to how YOU can set yourself up for success next year. If you didn't reach your goals this year, that doesn't mean you can't reach your goals in the upcoming year. Plus, because quarter-four of this year just barely started, you have plenty of time to make your plan to smash your goals bulletproof.

If you are determined to reach the goals that you already set for this year, you can read How to Re-Evaluate Your Yearly Goals to see where you need to improve.

Oh, what did you just say?

You didn't have a plan to reach your goals for this year?

Time for that to change! Let's get into why you are having trouble reaching your goals, and how you can set yourself up for success!

Having Trouble Reaching Your Goals? Here's Why

1. You Didn't Set Any Goals

Yeah. Yeah. Before you start rolling your eyes because this is so cliche, and obvious, let me explain myself. I had to include this one on the list for the people who listen to people who say they don't set any goals. Let me give you a scenario.

People will say, "Oh, I don't set any new year's resolutions or goals. I prefer to have intentions." Then, someone will listen to these people, and decide not to set any new year's resolutions, goals, or intentions.

What these people (and I'm not calling anyone out, so don't worry if you are one of these people) don't realize is that an intention is basically a goal. It's just not a defined goal. For example, some people have the intention to be healthier.

That is a goal. It's simply not a tangible goal because it doesn't have a deadline.

If you feel like your life is stagnant, and you aren't improving, you need to get yourself a goal. Sit down, and decide what your values are, and where you are going with your life. A great place to start is by making a vision board!

Some people don't set goals of any kind. How do they improve their life? I don't know.

Enough said. Let's go on to the next point.

Having Trouble Reaching Your Goals? Here's Why

2. Your Goals Aren't Clear Enough

Maybe you want to become healthier. Okay, that's a good start, but how are you going to know when you have "become healthier"?

Are you going to be able to run a certain distance, or do a set number of pushups? Are you going to be healthier, when exercise is part of your daily routine?

Decide what your goal actually is so you can get clear on how you can get there. Then you can break up your goal into steps that you can take to reach it.

3. You Don't Have a Plan to Reach Your Goals

You took the first step and you set some goals. Good for you! It shouldn't stop there though. How are you going to reach your goals?

I could want to run a marathon, but without a plan, I'm never going to wake up one morning and think, "today is going to be the day to run 26.2 miles!". Without any preparation, it's not going to happen. Make sure that you break your goal up into bite-sized steps that are manageable.

4. You Feast + Then You Starve aka Goal Overload

Hahaha, this heading will be clear in a second! I'm guilty of this one! Goal overload is when you are super motivated at the beginning of the goal, so you overload on your goals.

For example, if you have a goal of completing a personal development course, you would want to work on the course a little bit each day. That might be your plan.

But then on the first day, you are so excited about your goal, that you do a lot of it. Then when week two comes around, you aren't as motivated, and on week three the goal is nonexistent. This is why you need to start small on your goals and keep yourself from doing too much in the beginning.

After the novelty of the goal wears off, you won't be as motivated to keep on doing it so you want to keep the novelty of the goal present for as long as possible. Think of working on your goals as a treat. It's something special that you get to do. Working on your goals is a privilege.

Having Trouble Reaching Your Goals? Here's Why

5. You Don't Re-Evaluate Your Goals

It's a big accomplishment to set goals at the beginning of the year, and then actually work towards them. A lot of people don't get past the first month of the year, so a huge congrats to you, if you are still working on your goals from the beginning of the year!

With that being said, sometimes you can lose track of your goals. Are you going to be able to finish your goals by the end of the year?

You can check in on your goals by re-evaluating them. Ideally, you could do this every quarter, and then you will know what to work on for the next three months.

Another benefit of re-evaluating your yearly goals is you will be able to see if your goals are aligned with where you want to be headed.

6. Your Goals Aren't Aligned With Your Life

Maybe your goals just aren't a priority in your life anymore. This will definitely lead to a lack of motivation. In that case, it's time to either adapt your goals or to set some new ones.

Your goals should make you feel excited! And if they don't, then you should re-evaluate them because they aren't serving you, if they aren't helping you create a life that you love and are excited to live!

If none of your goals make you excited, then now is the time to sit down and make a vision board. Figure out where you want to go with your life and then create goals that will help you get there. You don't need to cling to fragments of an old dream that no longer excites you. Go after a new dream!

7. You Refuse to Adapt or Change Your Goals

So here's the deal. Maybe your goals fit a bunch of the criteria in this list. Your goals aren't aligned with your life. They aren't clear. They are too big. Maybe you don't have a plan to reach any of your goals... and yet, you refuse to change a single one because you set them so you have to achieve them. Certainly, this is the wrong mindset to have.

Of course, you aren't going to achieve them!

I change and adapt my goals all of the time. Sometimes, I'll set a goal, and when I try it out, I realize that it's just not going to work, so I go back to the drawing board and I change it. There is nothing wrong with changing one of your goals. It doesn't mean you failed. Your life is simply taking you in a new direction!

Having Trouble Reaching Your Goals? Here's Why

8. Your Goals Are Too Big

One of the surest ways to make a habit last is to start small, and the same goes for goals. Yes, your goals should make you a little scared, but it shouldn't be such a big goal that it is intimidating and you become paralyzed with indecision. You should be excited by your goals, not overwhelmed.

If you are feeling overwhelmed by your goals, then they are most likely too big. Just make them a little bit smaller or simpler to complete.

9. You Have No Motivation to Reach Your Goals

I'm going to be entirely honest with you, this is a tough one. It's one I struggle with myself. It's one thing to set a goal, and then create a plan, and an entirely different thing to actually see yourself through until you reach the goal.

One method to reaching a goal is to create a habit, and then by doing that habit every day, you slowly reach your goal piece by piece. Plus, as you incorporate this habit into your life, you change your life for the better.

Your goal also needs to be something that is fun. If your goal isn't fun to do, then you aren't going to do it. Basically, if you don't want to do it, then why is it even one of your goals?

Well, here's one reason. Maybe you hate exercise, but you know you need to do it to be healthier (and maybe you want to lose some weight too), so you put it down on your list of goals. You need to find a form of exercise that you want to do!

Maybe you hate running, but a few yoga poses in the morning, and evening would be manageable. Have you tried all of the different forms of exercise? If you haven't, then you can't say you hate exercising. You just haven't found your form of exercise yet. Keep trying!

10. You Set Too Many Goals

This one is similar to #4. If you spread yourself too thin, then you won't be able to focus. Would you rather be mediocre at twenty things, or amazing at three things that you absolutely love to do? Try zeroing in on what you actually want in life, and figure out what your values are.

Then create goals centered around what you want. It doesn't matter what anyone else wants. This is about YOU, so create the goals you want, and then you'll have the life you want.

Having Trouble Reaching Your Goals? Here's Why

Having Trouble Reaching Your Goals? Here's Why

If you are taking the time to read this entire post, congratulations! You are steps ahead of everyone else who is simply scanning this post, and looking for a quick win. You care about your life enough to take the time and figure out why you aren't reaching your goals.

Here are your next steps.

  1. Identify which goal breakers you are having trouble with.
  2. Go back and reread the tips I give for the goal breakers you are having trouble with.
  3. Make a plan on how you are going to not break your goals this time.

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I hope this article helped you, and that you will be able to reach your goals this year!
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Having Trouble Reaching Your Goals? Here's Why

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