11 Useful Bullet Journal Layouts to Skyrocket Your Happiness

by - September 04, 2021

 A bullet journal is an amazing tool because it can be used to improve almost every aspect of your life. From organizing to breaking bad habits bullet journaling can help in dare I say, "every instance". But honestly, bullet journaling can change your life for the better, and that includes improving your mood! If you want to use your bullet journal to increase your happiness then here are a number of layouts you can make to do just that. Who doesn't want a little bit more happiness in their life?

11 Useful Bullet Journal Layouts to Skyrocket Your Happiness

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Please also note that I am not a doctor and this is not medical advice. If you suffer from depression or another mental health disorder, please contact a specialist. I hope you feel better soon!

It can be easy to get caught up in using your bullet journal to tackle your to-do list daily. If you only use your bullet journal for your to-do lists though, you are definitely missing out because bullet journaling has sooo much more to offer.

I'm a big fan of using trackers and collections in my bullet journal. Probably too much of a fan lol, but anyway there are plenty of bullet journal spreads out there to help you improve your mental health.

There will also be some bullet journal layouts for self-care in this article because self-care can be great for improving your mood! Self-care should never be put on your back burner. Keep it on your to-do list! Let's dive right into the bullet journal layouts you can use to skyrocket your happiness!

11 Useful Bullet Journal Layouts to Skyrocket Your Happiness

1. Mood Tracker

How do you feel throughout your day? Are you already pretty happy? Why do you want to improve your happiness?

You won't know how happy you are, or overall what your days are like, unless you start to check in with yourself, and asking yourself throughout the day, why you feel a certain way.

A good way to start doing this is by having a mood tracker. I've seen some really complicated ones out there on the internet, but I'm a big fan of simplicity, especially when it comes to trackers I am trying to actually keep up with. Rest in peace all those habit trackers I made when I was trying to track ten or more things. 😂

To keep things simple, I decided to rate my day on a scale of 1 to 5. If you look in the picture, you can see that bright pink at the top is for the best days, and the green at the bottom is for the worst days. Every morning, I sit down and I rate the day before on a scale of 1 to 5, and so far, I've been able to keep up with this mood tracker.

11 Useful Bullet Journal Layouts to Skyrocket Your Happiness

2. Gratitude Layout

Thinking about what you are grateful for is a wonderful way to improve your mood. When you think about all of the blessings you have in your life, it helps you to be able to bear the not-so-pleasant things in your life.

I'm doing a 365-day gratitude layout. I write down one thing almost every morning, and I try not to repeat any of them. Some days, it's really a stretch to try and think of something that I haven't already written down.

3. 31 Day Happiness + Productivity Challenge

Are you in a rut? Feeling down in the dumps? Maybe what you need is a challenge to boost your mood so you can feel excited every morning when you wake up!

You are in luck! I have just such a challenge right here on this blog.

You do a different activity every day for thirty-one days to help you be more productive and to increase your happiness. Good luck!

4. Self-Care Ideas

Honestly, when you have a few minutes of free time, it can be so easy to just waste it doing something you don't even actually enjoy. Yeah, I'm looking at social media and TV. You have so many fun things you want to accomplish, but whenever you have some free time you get sucked into watching TV or scrolling on your phone.

Make a list of fun things that you can do for yourself, and if you always feel like you are on a time crunch, you can only add things that take fifteen minutes or less so you have no excuses to just scroll on your phone.

11 Useful Bullet Journal Layouts to Skyrocket Your Happiness

5. Exercise + Food Tracker

It's well-known that exercise will improve your mood. I know it improves mine! If you want to be happier, you should start with your body so take a look at how much exercise you are getting, and what type of food you eat.

I have a bunch of articles on these topics, so I won't go into more detail here, but you can read them by clicking on the links below.

I find it hard to keep up with tracking exercise and food, so if you do choose to track your exercise and what you are eating, and you miss a day or two, please be kind to yourself. It's not a big deal to have a blank spot on a bullet journal tracker.

6. Level 10 Life

Maybe one area of your life is derailing your happiness. Maybe you love your friends and you have great relationships, but you hate your work so your job always brings your happiness levels down. With a Level 10 Life layout, you can pinpoint loopholes in your happiness, and make plans on how you can improve your life.

The idea for the Level 10 Life bullet journal layout comes from the book The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod. If you are looking for a personal development book, then I recommend this one!

Basically, you break your life into a number of different areas such as personal development, relationships, work, spirituality, etc. Then you rate each area of your life from one to ten. Now you can see what areas you should improve in!

You can also check out the Miracle Morning website for more information.

7. Highlights of the Year

Sometimes when you are in a rut, and you feel like you aren't accomplishing anything you simply need a reminder that you are getting stuff done. And the reminder that for everything bad that happens in your life, good stuff happens too aka the highlights of your year.

Have a dedicated layout in your bullet journal for your highlights of the year, and flip back to it whenever you need a pick me up!

11 Useful Bullet Journal Layouts to Skyrocket Your Happiness

8. 21-Day Complaint Free World Challenge

I heard about this idea on the Where There's Smoke podcast (give it a listen, if you are looking for a new personal development podcast!), and I'm currently trying (big emphasis on trying) to complete this challenge. Apparently, it takes around four to eight months to complete this challenge.

Yeah... it's a 21-day challenge, but it takes four to eight months to complete. Here are the basic rules for the challenge.

  1. You have a piece of jewelry that you can switch from hand to hand or from wrist to wrist. (There are purple bracelets you can buy for this challenge if you are interested.)
  2. You go 21 days in a row without...
    1. Complaining
    2. Criticizing
    3. Gossiping
  3. EVERY time you do one of those three things, you have to switch the item of jewelry to the opposite side and start the challenge over again.

That's it! After you start doing the challenge, you'll realize just how much you actually complain. Sometimes, I'll even just complain to myself like, "Oh great, I'm running ten minutes late" or "Oh great, I forgot to do so and so".

You can check out the Will Bowen website for more information and to buy your bracelet. I'm not a sponsor, but if buying a bracelet will help you stay motivated to complete the challenge, then it's a good idea to buy it. I used a ring for the first week or so. I stopped wearing it for now because I would forget to wear it.

Instead, I have a year at a glance style bullet journal layout, where I can keep track of each time I re-start the challenge. You can scroll up two images to see a picture of this layout.

9. About Me

How much do you tear yourself down instead of building yourself up? It's probably not a fifty-fifty spread. So, it's time to change that and be kinder to yourself. Make a layout where you write down positive things about yourself and maybe even compliments you have received in the past.

You can write down strengths, and things you like about your personality as well, so when you are having a bad day, you can look back and remind yourself that you are amazing and you can get through whatever you are going through.

10. Affirmations Bullet Journal Layout

You might think that saying affirmations is just a little woo-woo, but you believe what you tell yourself so if you are pulling yourself down every single day, such as "Oh, I forgot so and so's birthday. I'm such a bad friend" or "I failed the test, so I guess I'm just not a smart person". You need something to counteract your own negative self-talk.

Enter positive affirmations. You don't necessarily need to make a layout in your bullet journal for your affirmations, but if you already use your bullet journal every day, then you can smoothly add saying your affirmations into your daily routine.

Here are a few positive affirmations to help get you started...

  • My past experiences don't define me.
  • Every day is a new beginning.
  • I am smart and talented.
  • Today is going to be a good day.

11. Journaling About Your Day

Your bullet journal doesn't just have to be for planning. It's a great way to reflect on your day. On what went well, and what didn't go... so well. It's a great way to see where you can improve, and what affects your mood.

You can do this at the bottom of your to-do list every day, and it will only take a few minutes.

11 Useful Bullet Journal Layouts to Skyrocket Your Happiness

11 Useful Bullet Journal Layouts to Skyrocket Your Happiness

I hope you found this article helpful! How do you use your bullet journal to improve your mood, and be happier? Let's bullet journal our way to a happier and more productive life. :)

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11 Useful Bullet Journal Layouts to Skyrocket Your Happiness

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