3 Outfits to Wear All Spring + Spring Outfit Tips

by - April 13, 2019
YAY! It is finally spring and now it is time to stop wearing heavy jackets and feeling like you are freezing every time you walk out of the door. :)

3 Outfits to Wear All Spring + Spring Outfit Tips

But wait... what are you going to wear?

Don't worry because today I will give you some great tips to help you put together outfits that scream springtime.

Are you ready to pull out your florals, pastels, and fun patterns? I hope so because florals are perfect for spring.

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Three outfits you can wear all spring.

1. Jean Jacket + Floral Dress + Pink Flats

3 Outfits to Wear All Spring + Spring Outfit Tips

I really like this outfit because it is super simple. The jean jacket adds just the right touch to the outfit. :) While the pink flats add just the right amount of detail to pull the outfit together.

I love this jean jacket from Old Navy because it is super comfortable. Also, it has big pockets on the inside flap as well as on the outside, so that you can hold bigger items in your pockets.

I like the criss-cross straps because they add cute accent detail to any outfit. The color is perfect to wear for spring and is one of my favorite colors.

Floral Dress

Sorry! This dress is not sold anymore so I can't give you the link for it. The skirt on this dress is almost a circle and it is very light material, so it is perfect for spring.

2. Button-up Shirt + Black Skinny Jeans + White Sneakers

Don't like wearing a dress for spring? Keep your winter clothes, but just make a few minor adjustments to make them cooler for spring. 

Rolling up the sleeves on your button up shirt is an easy way to make your outfit more casual and ready for summer. Maybe add a pair of sunglasses to this outfit to complete the look.

Button-up Shirt

This shirt is thin and perfect for spring because the material isn't thick, but it has long sleeves, so you don't get cool when the wind blows. The classic fit gives a professional look to any outfit.

3. Blue Ruffle Top + Floral Medium Wash Jeans + Black Ankle Boots

3 Outfits to Wear All Spring + Spring Outfit Tips

More floral! Add some ruffles to that and it makes a perfect spring wardrobe addition. Of course, the detail on the side of the ankle boots pulls the outfit together.

No links for this outfit because the top, the pants, and the ankle boots are no longer sold. Sorry!

That was all three outfits, and so now it is time to tell you some tips for putting together your own perfect spring outfits.

3 Outfits to Wear All Spring + Spring Outfit Tips

For spring, I like to stick to lighter color clothes, with black or darker color accents. 

Like if you wanted to wear the jean jacket shown above, I would pair it with medium wash jeans and a light top or a light colored dress. A floral dress would be great!

3 Outfits to Wear All Spring + Spring Outfit Tips

Add a fun patterned purse or wristlet to take the look of your outfit up. Plus add small details like in accessories, for bonus points!

I hope that you liked this post. If you did you might like some of the ones below too.

Now I want to hear from you. What are your spring outfit tips?

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3 Outfits to Wear All Spring + Spring Outfit Tips     3 Outfits to Wear All Spring + Spring Outfit Tips

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