Plan With Me November Bullet Journal Layouts

by - November 02, 2019
I can't believe it is already November! The year is going by so quickly! For this month's theme, I decided to go with a cherry blossom floral pattern because November is my favorite month of the year. I also picked cherry blossoms because I had not done a floral theme yet, so I wanted to try it out. :)

Plan With Me November Bullet Journal Layouts

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Plan With Me November Bullet Journal Layouts

My attempts at cherry blossoms made me quite pleased and they are super easy! All you have to do is draw a branch with a pencil and then add pink (or whatever color you want your blossoms to be) dots at varying intervals along the branch.

The layouts this month are much the same as last months because I like the set-up. The only thing I changed is the designs.

Bullet Journal Supplies Used

For these layouts, I used all of the usual supplies I like to use. Do you use any of the same supplies I use?

  • A Black Sharpie Pen - I use my sharpie pen for almost everything in my planner. If you see anything in black, it was probably done with my handy black sharpie pen, unless it is calligraphy. :)
  • A Salmon Crayola Super Tip Marker - I bought the Crayola Super Tip 50-pack recently, and I love them! I use them for pretty much all of my spreads because they can be used for practically everything with their special tip that can be used to draw thick and thin lines. I don't know what color this marker is because they don't say on the side, which is a minus for some people, but it doesn't bother me. You can read my full review of these markers here.
  • A White Gel Pen - White gel pens are super handy to have. They can be used to white out small mistakes. Even though they don't entirely white out the mistake on some colors, (Like darker colors) they still make it less noticeable.
  • A Mechanical Pencil - I draw out most of my layout in pencil before I use pen because it eliminates most of the mistakes I would make and then I can decide if I like how the page looks before I draw it in with pens and markers. This does take longer though so if you don't make many mistakes or large mistakes, then you can save time by drawing it out in pen.
  • Tombow Pen I use my Tombow pens (I have two. One with a soft tip and one with a hard tip) for any calligraphy you see done in a black pen. I only used this to write the "be grateful" saying on the third page.
  • A Ruler - Now this technically isn't a ruler because it is really just a small strip of laminated cardstock, but it can be used to draw lines, and I don't need markings on it because I use dotted pages. I like using it because it is flat, and thin so it is easy to store. Plus, it has a pink watercolor pattern on it, so it is cute!
Plan With Me November Bullet Journal Layouts

Bullet Journal Monthly Layout Cover Page

For my cover page this month, I did pretty much the same thing as last month except for I added more room for the goals so I can add more if I want to. The cherry blossoms are super easy to make. Just draw a branch in pencil (a line or two will do) and then add dots at intervals along the branch. Make sure to leave some bits of the branch empty and to clump up some of the flowers. That is it! :)

Easy right?

The font I picked to write November in reminds me of fall and for the goals subheading I used the salmon/pink Crayola Super Tip to write it in caps and then I used a black Sharpie pen to write in cursive on top.

Plan With Me November Bullet Journal Layouts

Monthly Bullet Journal Calendar Layout

For the heading, I used the same font as on the cover page. To make it fancier I added the twenty-nineteen subheading below it. I added a notes box below that because I had some extra room, so I will see if I will use it this month. Then I can decide if I want to add one for next month's layouts.

For the days of the month, I used the same design as last month by not having a full box, just a stripe above the space for writing. I think it looks more minimalist. I did add a weekend column because then I only have to add six columns instead of seven!

I used a Tombow pen for the quote at the top and then I used the Crayola Super Tip to add some more color underneath.

Also in the picture is my Sharpie pen. I have been using it for over a year now and it is still going! I bought a backup pack of three just in case, but I didn't think that it would last this long, so I am very pleased with the quality of it. I use it almost every day so if you are looking for a pen to bullet journal with, this one will last for a long time. :)

Plan With Me November Bullet Journal Layouts

Bullet Journal Tracker Page Layout

For this page, I did simple black headings. Then I added more cherry blossoms to tie-in the theme. I think it will look pretty when I start writing on top of the cherry blossoms. Then for the bottom December heading, I did the same style I did for the daily squares on the calendar page and on the cover page for the goals subheading.

I am excited to use these pages especially because I have a very busy November. What theme are you planning to use this month?

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Have a great week and keep on being productive!
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Plan With Me November Bullet Journal Layouts

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