The Best Bullet Journal Supplies for Beginners

by - March 06, 2021

 Are you starting your first bullet journal? It can be hard to know what you need to get started and with all of the information out there, it can be overwhelming trying to figure what bullet journal products to buy. Today, I wanted to share the bullet journal products that I would recommend for beginners.

Bullet Journal Supplies Recommendations for Beginners

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Updated for 2024

Since I have been bullet journaling for a few years now (like 6+), I have tested out quite a few different bullet journal products.

When I started my first bullet journal in 2018, I made some mistakes that eventually lead to me giving up my bullet journal for a while. If I had known these tips, I probably wouldn't have made these bullet journal supplies mistakes.

If you are a beginner bullet journalist, then you are in the right place! Or maybe your bullet journal isn't working for you, and you want to figure out what you can do about that.

Either way, you can read on for some bullet journaling supplies recommendations.

Bullet Journal Recommendations for Beginners

1. A Notebook You Love

The first thing as a beginner bullet journalist you will need to do is to find is a notebook you love. If you don't like the notebook you have, then you aren't going to want to use it.

This is going to be different for everyone and it is mostly up to preference.

When I started bullet journaling in 2018, I used a composition notebook, and it took a long time to set up spreads because I would have to measure the page. Long story short, I gave it up after three months because I was tracking too many things and it was hard to make layouts.

The second time I started bullet journaling, I went with dotted pages instead of lined pages and it makes it so so much easier for me!

I went with a lined notebook the first time because I didn't want to spend money on a dotted-page notebook, and I wish I had just boughten the dotted notebook in the first place because the dotted pages make it so much easier to make layouts in my notebook.

Your notebook doesn't need to be expensive though.

I got my Minimalism Art Bullet Journal for under $10 and the Ecoline Journal I am currently using cost me around $15.

You might like grid paper better than dotted paper or you might like lined paper, so the best thing to do is to print out some sample pages of each and then try making some layouts on each of them to see which format you like best.

Having a notebook you love is the basis of a good bullet journal experience!

Bullet Journal Supplies Recommendations for Beginners

2. A Writing Instrument You Love

You only need two things to start bullet journaling. One is a notebook, and the other one is a writing instrument.

If making mistakes bothers you, then you might want to use a pencil or an erasable pen.

Most people use a pen and when buying a pen, you just want to make sure that it doesn't bleed through the page or ghost a lot.

If you make a mistake, you can use a white gel pen to cover it up. I usually use a black Sharpie pen, and I love that #1 they are cheap, #2 it doesn't bleed through my notebook, and #3 it has nice juicy ink that doesn't smear and is nice and dark.

To start bullet journaling, you only need one writing instrument, but if you want, you can sketch your layouts in pencil before you draw them in using a pen. This is what I do some of the time and it is helpful if I am trying out a new calligraphy font as well.

You might not even need to buy a new pen. You might already have one you like, just lying around your house!

Bullet Journal Supplies Recommendations for Beginners

Optional Recommendations for Beginning Bullet Journalists

The only two things you need to start bullet journaling are a notebook and a writing instrument, but it might make your bullet journal journey a little easier and maybe even a tad bit funner (Is that even a word? We'll go with it) to do!

3. A Ruler

You don't need a ruler, but it will sure make drawing straight lines easier! I have a small one (visible two pictures above this) that is a stencil combined with a ruler.

It's easy to use and it fits in my pen case so it's a win-win!

4. A White Gel Pen

I am so so so (too much repetition, I know) happy that I bought a white gel pen! It truly is a lifesaver! Every time I make a small mistake in my bullet journal, I can simply cover it up with a little bit of white gel pen.

Of course, sometimes a little bit of the mistake shows through, but usually, it can cover up mistakes pretty well. It's definitely something I recommend.

5. A Pen Case

Not necessary, but it sure is handy to have a small container to hold my bullet journal accessories in. I bought mine from Michaels for around $10. It is hard, but the container is a kind of faux leather that is holding up well!

It can carry around 15 pens so it is just right for carrying the essentials.

Bullet Journal Supplies Recommendations for Beginners

Bullet Journal Recommendations for Beginners

When it comes down to it, you only need two things to start a bullet journal, and even though you may see many beautiful intricate bullet journal layouts on Pinterest, you just need to find what works for you!

The bullet journal system is simple.

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Good luck on your bullet journal journey!
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Bullet Journal Supplies Recommendations for Beginners

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