5 More Life Rules to Follow This Year for Amazing Results

by - January 08, 2022

 Happy New Year everyone! Whether you are here later on in the year, or you are here in January, this article has some tips for you! When you feel stuck in life, it is time to change your approach to life and these tips can help. You might be feeling a little (or a lot) skeptical about the title of this article, but I can promise you that if you actually follow the advice in this article, you'll start waking up excited to take on the day!

5 More Life Rules to Follow This Year for Amazing Results

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Updated for 2024

This is part two of the article 5 Life Rules to Follow This Year for Amazing Results, so if you haven't read that article yet, then I highly recommend reading it.

If you don't have time to read that article, here are the five rules listed in it. I go into more detail on each rule in that article.

  1. Accept that changes will happen.
  2. Make your health a priority.
  3. Save part of everything you earn. (AKA invest in yourself)
  4. What you do daily is who you will become
  5. Always remember class over crass

The beginning of a new year is a wonderful time to make changes in your life because it is the beginning of something new. For you, it could be a new adventure, a new lifestyle, or simply a new mindset. Whatever it is, following these five rules will help you get what you want out of life!

5 More Life Rules to Follow This Year for Amazing Results

6. Learn Something New Daily

Okay. Okay. I know what you are thinking. This is a really cliche tip, but it works! Along with learning something new daily, it is worth adding that you should also be creative daily. These are easy ways to improve your life each day.

You could be having a horrible day, and then BAM you learn something new or you do something creative. Now besides improving your mood hopefully, this also makes so your day wasn't a waste. At the end of the day, even if you didn't get anything else done, at least you improved yourself, so the day wasn't a loss, and you aren't wasting your life. Kind of awesome, right?

And it doesn't have to take up much of your time either... a few minutes every day, and you'll be on your way to improving your life!

So... I've convinced you that you need to learn something new daily, and be creative, but how do you actually go about implementing this in your life?

Here are a few ways that you can learn something new daily or be creative...

5 More Life Rules to Follow This Year for Amazing Results

7. Never Lower Your Standards or Change Your Priorities for Anyone

This is your life. Just stick to what you want to get out of life, and then go for it. It doesn't matter what anyone else is doing or what someone may want you to do.

There isn't much I can say about this one except that you should sit down, and figure out what your goals, priorities, and values are. Then you'll have a clear plan for your life to work towards. This is everything!

If you have no idea where to start, I recommend making a list of everything you want to get out of life and then going from there.

Here are a few ways that you can never lower your standards or change your priorities for anyone...

  • Actually, know your priorities! (Make a list of everything that is important to you, and then prioritize it)
  • Set goals on a regular basis and follow up to see how you are doing on a regular basis
  • Practice saying "no" to things that don't align with your priorities
  • Make a list of your values, sign your name at the bottom, and then hang it up where you can see it

5 More Life Rules to Follow This Year for Amazing Results

8. Set Goals + Then Stick to Them

Ah, one of my favorite things to talk about here on my blog! If you read my blog regularly, then you would know that I set goals every year. I'm a firm believer that goal setting is a wonderful way to level up your life, and I'm not just saying that because I set... 23 goals for this year!

If you want to get a peek into my goal-setting process, you can read the articles below to read how I've set goals for the past few years. My goal plan for 2022 will be coming out soon!

You might be thinking, "well, that's all very good for you, but I am bad at setting goals, and I never reach the ones I set." Don't worry! If you have no idea where to begin with setting goals, then you might want to read about how to set new year's resolutions you'll actually achieve. That post contains some of my best tips for setting goals.

Of course, you can't just set the goals, and then wait for the life you want to magically appear. You should ideally be working on your goals every. single. day. You don't need to be a perfectionist, and if you mess up, it's okay. Just try to work on at least one of your goals every day.

Here are a few ways that you can set goals and then stick to them...

  • Set goals that are well-defined
  • Check-in on your goals regularly (Every three months is a good amount of time!)
  • Set goals that will change your life for the better (Exercising six times a week instead of lose fifteen pounds)
  • Accept that there are going to be setbacks and that you probably won't reach all of your goals (Being realistic with yourself at the beginning of the year is important so you don't have unrealistic expectations)

5 More Life Rules to Follow This Year for Amazing Results

9. Get Out of Bed With a Positive Attitude

Nothing like getting out of bed with a positive attitude, am I right? It'll make your whole day better!

Now, I get that your life might be horrible right now, and you might be in a really dark place, but I can't think of any reason why getting out of bed with a bad attitude will make your life better. Yes, you should be realistic and everything shouldn't be glitter and balloons all the time, but you should try and focus on the good things in your life, instead of focusing on the bad.

And if you feel like everything in your life is bad, then it is time for you to create the good. I see no reason why you should passively wait around for your life to get better. Make it better!

This is obviously easier said than done.

If you are having a lot of trouble trying to figure out how you can be more positive, you should take note of what media you are consuming. Do you spend a lot of time ruminating over what is going on in the world? What type of music are you listening to? What type of books are you reading?

Here are a few ways that you can get out of bed with a positive attitude...

  • Don't hit snooze on your alarm (procrastinating is not the way to start your day!)
  • Reciting positive affirmations right when you get out of bed
  • Do something first thing when you get out of bed that makes you happy!
  • Exercise first thing (When you conquer your workout, you'll feel more prepared to tackle everything else on your to-do list)
  • Write down what you are grateful for

10. Nothing Worth Having Comes Easy

Finally, remember that when your life is hard, it is a challenge for you to overcome, and when you do, you'll be so much stronger to take on life's next challenge.

I recommend writing "nothing worth having comes easy" or a similar quote somewhere where you will be able to see it often. Whenever you have a roadblock in the way of your goals, you can remember that nothing worth having comes easy. Don't give up!

Think about how you'll feel when you reach that goal, and then keep going for it. You might need to change your plan for reaching the goal, but just because one plan for reaching your goal fails, that doesn't mean you should change the goal.

Honestly, what will make you feel more accomplished?

Reaching your goal, or only going halfway?

Here are a few ways that you can remember nothing worth having comes easy...

  • Regularly give yourself small challenges to overcome to push yourself out of your comfort zone (Such as doing a hard workout)
  • Read inspiring books and consume other content about people overcoming their challenges
  • Keep in mind that changes and setbacks will occur to your plans and that you can only control how you act
  • Never give up!

5 More Life Rules to Follow This Year for Amazing Results

5 More Life Rules to Follow This Year for Amazing Results

I hope you have an amazing new year and that these tips will help you create the life you want to live! I have some exciting new adventures coming up in my business and personal life, and I'm so grateful to all of you who support me!

My bullet journal setup for the year will be posted soon and the theme for this year is totally different than what I have done before so I am excited to show it to all of you!

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Good luck with your goals this year! Remember I'll be here every week giving you inspiration for your bullet journal and tips that have worked for me!
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5 More Life Rules to Follow This Year for Amazing Results

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