My Planner Set Up + How I Make It Work

by - November 17, 2018
Depending on how you set up your planner, it can make it work, or make it fail!

My Planner Set up + How I Make it Work

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Updated for 2024

Did you know that how you set up your planner was so important?

Well, it is. :)

The thing is, is that if you don't like writing, but you have dailies and weeklies and monthlies, how is it going to work for you?

That is why the setup is so important!

Today, I am going to tell you how I make my planner work and why it works because of how I set it up.

My Planner Set Up + How I Make It Work

Calendar Section

First of all, I use monthlies and weeklies. A planner with daily pages would never work for me because usually, I don't fill up my weekly pages all of the way.

But it can go the other way too. I wouldn't want to just have a monthly page because it wouldn't have enough room for me to write what I need to get done for each day.

In this section on the back of one of my monthly pages, I have a habit tracker because it is great to see how well I do on a monthly basis whereas a weekly basis or a daily basis wouldn't be as motivating to me.

Blog + Biz Section

My blog + biz section is next. I make this planner section work by having only the boxes I need. I don't track page views in my blog + biz section or social media views. 


Pageviews aren't as important to me as subscribers and followers are. Yes, it is great when I get a lot of page views, but I know that followers and subscribers actually like the content I post whereas anyone else is just passing through.

In my blog + biz section, I have pages like "Product Ideas" and "Sponsor Ideas" because those pages really help me to create a better business.

My favorite page though is my blog post ideas page because I love picking out what I am going to post each week.

Wardrobe Section

Okay, after reading that title for this section you are probably thinking that I must be joking. You are probably thinking, "She has an entire section for her wardrobe?"

I'm not crazy. This is a super helpful section in my planner!

I have a list of over 500 outfits to wear and each time I wear an outfit I cross it off the list. That way at the end of the year, I just print a new one and start over again.

I know you will love having a wardrobe with over 500 outfits just like I do! :)

Goal Planning Section

After that, I have an entire section on goal planning because I think an important part of planning is reaching for your goals and then tracking and completing them.

In this section I have,
  • Short-term goals
  • Long-term goals
  • Goal breakdown
It is a good idea to break down your goals into small actionable steps so that you are more motivated to complete them.


The last section in my planner is filled with the pages below
  • Books to Read
  • Passwords
  • Favorite Websites
  • Spending
  • Earning 
  • Gift Cards
  • Wishlist

How I Make My Planner Work for Me

Woohoo! So that is my whole planner, but how do I make it work?

I make my planner work by sitting down and just taking a few minutes to fill it out each day. Right now one of my habits is to write in my planner every day, so each day this month, I have been reminding myself to write in my planner and now it is turning into a habit, so I won't have to remind myself anymore.

I do not carry mine around with me. It might be even more useful if I carried it around with me so maybe that is a habit I will try to accomplish after I finish the habit of using it every day.

My Planner Set Up + How I Make It Work

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How do you make your planner work for you?
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My Planner Set up + How I Make it Work

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