Plan With Me December Bullet Journal Layouts

by - December 07, 2019
This is one of my favorite times of the year! This month, I just had to do a Christmas theme. :) It only deviates from my usual monthly planner layouts by having two colors in it (not counting black) instead of just one. Usually, I pick one color and use it throughout, but this month I picked to use red and green.

Plan With Me December Bullet Journal Layouts

If you don't celebrate Christmas, you can always use different colors and have it be a winter theme (I will probably do a winter theme for January).

This month, I changed things up so keep reading to see how I made my layouts different. They are still pretty minimalist!

Bullet Journal Supplies Used

For these layouts, I used all of the usual supplies I like to use. Do you use any of the same supplies I use?

  • A Black Sharpie Pen - I use my sharpie pen for almost everything in my planner. If you see anything in black, it was probably done with my handy black sharpie pen, unless it is calligraphy. :)
  • Green and Red Crayola Super Tip Markers - I bought the Crayola Super Tip 50-pack recently, and I love them! I use them for pretty much all of my spreads because they can be used for practically everything. They have a special tip that can be used to draw thick and thin lines. I don't know what color this marker is because they don't say on the side, which is a minus for some people, but it doesn't bother me. You can read my full review of these markers here.
  • A White Gel Pen - White gel pens are super handy to have. They can be used to white out small mistakes. Even though they don't entirely white out the mistake on some colors, (Like darker colors) they still make it less noticeable.
  • A Mechanical Pencil - I draw out most of my layout in pencil before I use pen because it eliminates most of the mistakes I would make and then I can decide if I like how the page looks before I draw it in with pens and markers. This does take longer though so if you don't make many mistakes or large mistakes, then you can save time by drawing it out in pen.
  • A Ruler - Now this technically isn't a ruler because it is really just a small strip of laminated cardstock, but it can be used to draw lines, and I don't need markings on it because I use dotted pages. I like using it because it is flat, and thin so it is easy to store. Plus it has a pink watercolor pattern on it, so it is cute!
Plan With Me December Bullet Journal Layouts

Bullet Journal Layout December Cover Page

In the picture, the green marker looks almost black, but it is actually a medium green color. I used a simple font for "December" and then I drew the small tree over the top of "December". I did almost this entire page with my black Sharpie pen. 

A small side note - My favorite black Sharpie pen actually ran out after lasting for over a year. I am sad to be putting it aside, but I already had a new pack of black Sharpie pens. I am definitely not throwing my tassel pen away. I haven't decided how I want to decorate my new pen so if you have any ideas on how to decorate it, leave a comment below. If you are wondering how I decorated my old pen, it has pink glitter washi tape on it and a black tassel on the end. So if you want a pen for your bullet journal that will last, then the Sharpie pen is a good affordable option. :)

That was a long side note, but back to how I made my monthly layout. I switched up this layout by adding my goals in a diagonal row in between the Christmas lights. When I think of more goals I will add them to the next row. You could also use each row for something different too.

Plan With Me December Bullet Journal Layouts

Bullet Journal Calendar Layout for December

Didn't I say I had changed some things up? This is where I really decided to change up my monthly layout. I was reading a post on different monthly layout ideas and I saw one with this mini calendar and I thought it was so cute that I had to try it. :)

So I added a mini-calendar at the top and then I made a dates list where I can write down the appointments I have during the month. So far I am really liking how it is working out. I was also getting kind of tired of my old set up so I decided it was time to change things up!

You can also use the mini calendar for a habit tracker. I might have to try this out sometime. In January? Maybe. All you have to do is add a key on the side with a different color for every habit. Then when you do a habit, you add a small dot into the square for the day.

I fit gratitude into this page because I have something else I wanted to add to the next page. You will see it in a minute! Since it is during the holidays, I figured that I might not write in my planner every day so I didn't need a line for every day like in my other monthly layouts.

Instead, whenever I write down something I am grateful for, I add a little symbol (I used a heart) in between and then write the next word. I have seen other people do this on layouts and I thought this would be the perfect time to try it out.

You can use any symbol you want, as long as it is small enough to not take up too much room if you want to try this out. Below is a sample of what it looks like.

family - holidays - fun - vacation - food

Then you just keep adding to your list with your chosen symbol in between.

Plan With Me December Bullet Journal Layouts

Bullet Journal Tracker Layout

What do you think of my Christmas tree? I added a gift ideas column next to the habit tracker column, with a space for everyone who I am giving gifts to. I also changed up my "next month" box to "next year" because it will be 2020! The year went by so quickly, but it has been a good one. :)

Plus because this is my last Plan With Me post for the year, I decided to link them all below so you can see all of my bullet journal monthly layouts I have made so far.

I thought I had done more monthly layouts, but I haven't, so next year I will have plenty of theme ideas to use!

Which of my monthly layouts is your favorite? Have a great week! :)
If you want to read this again, save it to your bullet journal board!

Plan With Me December Bullet Journal Layouts

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