All of My Bullet Journal Supplies + How I Organize Them

by - May 09, 2020
If you have been bullet journaling for a while and you love to test out new stationery, then your collection of supplies is probably growing almost constantly. I know I have a few stationery items on my wishlist right now and you probably do too! In this post, I will show you how I organize all of my bullet journaling supplies.

Back in February, I did a post about how I stored and carried around my bullet journal essentials. Since then, I have bought more supplies (See what I mean about testing new stationery? :) ) so I had to figure out a new way to store my bullet journal supplies. If you want to read the first one, you can see it here.

In that post, I mostly talked about how I was going to carry around my bullet journal so this post will be focusing on how I store the rest of my bullet journaling supplies.

How I Carry Around My Bullet Journal

For my old organizing system, I stored all of my supplies in a drawer, except for my essentials, which I had in a pen case and my bullet journal. I kept the pen case and my bullet journal in a mini backpack (You can see what it looks like in the picture below), which I am going to continue to do in my new system.

I keep all of my bullet journaling essentials in the pen case, also shown in the picture above. It was bought at Michaels, and I really like how it has a  soft texture, but it is structured. You can buy it for under $15 dollars too, which is always a plus!

The only downside to this pen case is its size. The pen case can hold around fifteen pens in it. If you just have a small collection of bullet journaling supplies though, then everything will fit in the case just fine.

What's Inside My Pen Case?

Currently, I am storing the following supplies in my pen case because I use them frequently.

  • A Black Sharpie Pen - This is the pen I use for all of my regular handwriting and for all of the black thin lines you will see on my spreads.
  • Zebra Mildliners - I have six Zebra Mildliners in my pen case because I use these for color-coding my layouts. You can read my review of the Zebra Mildliners here.
  • A White Gel Pen - A white gel pen is in my pen case because I use it to cover up any small mistakes I make when writing in my bullet journal.
  • A Pencil - I sketch out most of my layouts in pencil before I go over them in pen.
  • A Light Pink Crayola SuperTip Marker - This is probably my favorite marker right now, and I use it to fill in a lot of my spreads so I keep it in here for easy access.
  • A Ruler - I use the small pink ruler to draw straight lines on my spreads because I like my lines to be really straight. Sometimes I use it as a stencil, but not often.
  • Washi Tape - Two washi tapes are in my pen case right now, but I may remove them because I only add washi tape to my spreads when I have all of my supplies out.

Those are all of my bullet journaling essential supplies. Next, I will show you my new organizer, which I keep all of the rest of my bullet journaling supplies in.

How I Organize My Bullet Journal Pens

This is my new pen organizer and it is pretty great! It is big enough to hold all of my pens and they are pretty sturdy too. :)

One huge plus about this organizer is that the pens can be stored face downward. This way, the ink won't dry up, and they will last for longer.

It comes in a three-piece set so you can move around each element however you want to. I bought mine on Amazon (I am not sure if this is the same one, but it looks like it is and it gets good reviews.).

I organize my bullet journal pens by brand and not by color because I pick a pen, based on what tip (brush tip, chisel tip, etc.) is needed for the layout I am making.

First Container

In the first compartment, I have a 50-pack of Crayola SuperTips. By the way, these are good for beginners, so if you are just getting started bullet journaling, then check out my review of them here. As you can see in the picture, each container can hold 50 markers (Technically 49 markers because one of the Crayola SuperTips is in my pen case, but it can fit in there too.), if they are thin like the Crayola SuperTips.

The bottom row is great for storing washi tape because it is slightly curved. Other small stationery would fit here too.

Second Container

The second container has three sets of Ecoline brush pens, which I also got recently. They are really good quality, but a bit on the expensive side. :)

Each row contains one five-pack of Ecoline brush pens and the bottom row has washi tape and the eraser I use in my bullet journal.

Third Container

Stored inside the last container is the pastel Tombow dual brush pens on the first shelf, the rest of my Zebra Mildliners on the second shelf. The third shelf has Tombow Fudesonuke brush pens plus back up white gel pens for if the one in my pen case runs out.

This organizer was a good buy because it can carry over seventy-five pens and when I purchase more pens (Quarantine shopping, am I right? :) ) they will fit in too. The pens stick out of the container a little bit more than I thought they would, but it isn't a problem for me. They haven't tipped over yet!

The Rest of My Bullet Journal Supplies

All of the washi tapes I have aren't stored in this organizer because they are used for more than just bullet journaling. Other than that, I also have a few sheets of stickers. I still store my stickers in the drawer I used to keep all of my bullet journaling supplies in.

I hope you enjoyed seeing how I store all of my bullet journal supplies! If you want to read more of my bullet journaling posts, you can do so below.

How do you organize your bullet journal supplies? I would love to hear! If you liked this post, please scroll down to the comment section and click "Recommend". :)
Your friends are in quarantine too. They can organize their bullet journal supplies with you, so give this post a share. Thank you!

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