The Place to Find Affordable Formal Dresses

by - June 13, 2020
It is really hard to find pretty formal dresses that are affordable and good quality! To buy a nice dress for prom, a wedding, or for a formal dinner, it might cost you well over $100. You might only ever wear it once so you probably don't want to break the bank just for the occasion!

The Place to Find Affordable Formal Dresses

Please note that this post is not sponsored. I just love this dress so I wanted to share my thoughts about it with you. All thoughts and opinions are my own. :)

Well, you are in luck because Neesee's Dresses has beautiful formal dresses for under $100. A lot of them are around $65 and they usually have sales as well. 

The dress I am wearing in these photos, I was able to buy for around $25! Buying a formal dress really doesn't have to break the bank! This is the Elsa dress in dusty pink (I love the color!) in case you are wondering.

The Place to Find Affordable Formal Dresses

Why I Love this Dress

I wanted to give you an in-depth review of why I love this dress because anyone can say they love a dress, but unless they tell you why, it doesn't really help you at all especially when you are trying to make a buying decision.

The Price

This is a post about where to find affordable dresses, so of course, I had to start with this one. This dress originally costs 69.99, but I got on sale for under $25. (A fabulous buying decision if I may say so myself! :) )

So while $70 might not be in your budget, Neesee's Dresses has lots of sales making their dresses extremely affordable. You just need to know when to buy. :)

The Place to Find Affordable Formal Dresses

The Quality + Material

The seams are all done well and the sequins are secured well. I also haven't had any problems with the zipper, which is one of my biggest complaints about other dresses.

One of my favorite things about this dress is that it is very comfortable! The material is so soft and the skirt hasn't gotten snagged on the sequins at all, which is a concern that most people have when buying a dress with sequins on it.

I have worn another outfit, which had sequins on the top and it was horrible! The sequins scratched my arms and it was terribly uncomfortable. This dress though is the exact opposite! The sequins don't bother me at all.

I also love the added detail of the princess seams going up the front. This dress also comes in a bunch of other colors too. :)

The Place to Find Affordable Formal Dresses

The Fit

I bought the XS and it fits just right. In the top two photos, I am not wearing heels and in the next two photos, I am wearing heels that have 2.5-inch heel. Either way, the dress is not too long or too short.

The Place to Find Affordable Formal Dresses

Overall Thoughts

Overall, I think that this dress was a great buy. I know that I will be able to wear it many times. if you are looking for affordable formal dresses, then you should check out Neesee's Dresses. They also have casual dresses, skirts, and tops too. Their clothing is always beautiful, and elegant which is why I like this brand.

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I hope you enjoyed reading this post! Where do you buy affordable formal dresses?
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The Place to Find Affordable Formal Dresses

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