Plan With Me December Bullet Journal Layout

by - December 05, 2020

 Last month of the year! It was really hard to decide what theme to go with for my bullet journal layout this month. There are so many cute ideas out there like a snow globe, gingerbread, traditional Christmas, and more! I decided to go with a simple winter wonderland forest theme for my December bullet journal layout.

Plan With Me December Bullet Journal

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Updated for 2024

Plan With Me December Bullet Journal Layout

This layout is very similar to my November bullet journal layout because I didn't have a lot of time to make it so I wanted to go with a simple design. Plus I really liked how my bullet journal layout worked last time, so I wanted to do the same sort of setup this time.

If you are looking for an easier minimalist style set up, then this one might be a good fit for you!

Last year, I did a red and green traditional Christmas tree layout so this year I wanted to do something a little different, hence the winter wonderland theme. Plus, if you don't celebrate Christmas and are having a hard time finding a bullet journal theme, then this snowy winter bullet journal theme will work.

Supplies Used For My December Bullet Journal Layout

  • Crayola SuperTips - Crayola SuperTips are used on almost all of my spreads! They are great for beginners, really affordable, and there are tons of colors. If you are looking to buy some markers to use in your bullet journal, then I recommend these ones. I used a blue Crayola SuperTip on this layout.
  • Tombow Dual Tip Brush Pens - Even though these ones are a little bit expensive, they are double-tipped: one side is a brush tip, and the other side has a regular pointed tip, making them good for multiple purposes.
  • Ecoline Brush Pens - The Ecoline brush pens are the newest addition to my stationery collection and I really like them, but they are on the pricey side. The ink is really smooth and juicy though. :)
  • Black Sharpie Pen - If you have read probably any of my other posts, then you will know that I always use a black sharpie pen for writing in my bullet journal.
  • White Gel Pen - I use a white gel pen to mark out any mistakes I make on my layouts, and while it is sometimes still a little bit noticeable, it doesn't bother me. I used a white gel pen on the lettering for "December" on this layout.
  • Mechanical Pencil - I used a mechanical pencil to sketch in some parts of this layout to make sure they were positioned correctly.
  • A Ruler - To draw straight lines of course! Straight lines are a must for me and I can't get them without a ruler.

Plan With Me December Bullet Journal

December Bullet Journal Layout First Page


I went back to using fonts from Creative Market as inspiration. For this layout, I used the Snowflake font and I felt like the name of the font went with the theme for this month. :)

To use the fonts from Creative Market as inspiration for your bullet journal layouts, all you have to do is follow the steps below.

  1. Go to the website and find a font you like.
  2. Click on it, and scroll down on the page until you see a box that says, "type to try it out".
  3. Type in what you are planning on writing (In this case, I typed in "December")
  4. Make the font as large as you can and there you go! You now have a new font to use in your bullet journal!
I wrote "December" in navy blue, and then I used a white gel pen on the top half to create the falling snow effect.

I also drew some simple snowflakes around the edges and along the top half of both pages.


My calendar is very similar to November's calendar. You can probably tell I liked that layout a lot!

I usually do numbering for the days of the month, but this time I didn't, to make it more minimalist and I drew snowflakes on the calendar.

Plan With Me December Bullet Journal


Below the calendar, I have a section for goals, where I write down my five goals for the month. At the bottom of the layout, I drew some snowy hills, which aren't visible in the photo because I drew them in very light. Plus, I drew some very simple tree doodles.

There is a box for each goal, but I could have also done a column, like I did on the next page, and had ten goals instead of five.


Next to my goal section, I have a section where I write down my favorite memories and things from the month. At the end of the year, I pick my favorite memories and I add them to my "Best of 2020" layout.

Plan With Me December Bullet Journal

December Bullet Journal Layout Second Page


I really liked the study tracker I did last month, so I am using the same method this month. I wrote down each of my school classes, and then I get to fill in the box if I studied for the class on that day. Plus now I don't have to write down all of my school classes on my daily to-do lists.

I also do have some habits that I am working on creating on this list, but it is mostly a study tracker.


It is that time of the year! I made myself a little wishlist, so I can write down what I would like to receive for Christmas. :)

Gift Ideas

Below that, I have a section for ideas of gifts that I am going to give to other people. It's pretty self-explanatory.

Plan With Me December Bullet Journal Layout

I can't believe it is already the last month of the year! Next month, I am going to have some entirely new layouts to show you for goal setting, etc, and I may have a new notebook as well. Make sure you come back for those ones if you liked this post! Below you can find a list of all of my plan with me posts for the year.

I hope you all have a wonderful month. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!
Thank you for sharing this post! :)

Plan With Me December Bullet Journal

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